What You Need to Know About Xpods

Anyone planning to switch from smoking to vaping needs a good vaping mod or pen. There are plenty of vaping kits on the market, which makes it challenging for newbies to pick the right one. However, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned vaper, you can never go wrong with an xpod from ePuffer.

It is one of the best vape pens on the market that’s easy to maintain and clean. This guide is an unbiased review of the Xpod rechargeable vape pod. You will also come across a few pointers to consider when choosing a vape pen.

Design and Build

The Xpod features a distinct and sleek build that looks modern with a quality finish on the body. The body is made from plastic and the pen comes in three colors: navy, pearl, and violet.

This pen is lightweight, weighing only 23 grams, and it is slim enough to fit in your pocket. If you are after looks and aesthetics, ePuffer xpods will not disappoint, and it is the perfect device for any vaper who loves to travel with their vape pen.

Battery and Technical Features

This vape pen comes with a 375mAh rechargeable battery. This is a drawback as it is pretty low compared to other types of batteries available in the market. However, there is a USB Type-C fast charging port that will allow you to recharge your device whenever the batteries run out of juice.

From the manufacturer, it will take around 45-50 minutes to charge the battery fully.

Another feature worth noting is this vape pen’s award-winning magnetic atomization technology. This means that you will get the perfect hit (like that of smoking a cigarette) with this vape pen, making it the ideal device for anyone trying to quit smoking for good.

What’s in the Box?

This is not very important, but knowing what you will get when you receive your Xpod vape pen is always good. Inside the Xpod box from ePuffer, you will get one rechargeable battery, a USB Type-C cable, and a handy user’s guide.

You will also get three empty refillable cartridges. This is a plus from ePuffer as it allows you to sample different vape juices without buying a new cartridge. It also makes it easier to maintain your pen as you don’t have to clean it when you want to switch to a different e-juice flavor.

Wrapping Up

The manufacturer has done an excellent job on the Xpod vape pen. Everything looks sleek and modern from the packaging to the design of the vape pen and its accessories. We recommend this pen to anyone looking for the perfect cigarette substitute.

The only drawback of this pen is its low battery capacity. You cannot go for days without needing a recharge if you are a heavy user. However, our research revealed that the Xpod vape pen has a pass-through vaping feature that allows you to vape while the pen is charging.

Overall, it is a suitable device and well worth its price.

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