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Side Hustle Worth Pursuing in 2022

According to a recent study, the average annual income of people living in New York is $63,970. However, according to most financial institutions, this figure cannot be classified as enough to live well in NYC.

The most recommended average salary for a New York City resident to live well is $80,000. This discrepancy between the salary earned by most people living in the area, and the recommended salary to live in the state well is a common discrepancy among all states. 

These salary discrepancies have brought about the need to have a side hustle for many people. Side hustles offer an extra income source for a person other than the primary income source. With a side hustle, you can cover up the salary difference to ensure that you live comfortably in your state.

There are numerous side hustles that one can choose from. Side hustles should offer convenience working in your free time. In this article, we look at the best side hustles that are worth pursuing in 2022.

1- Online Sneaker Resale

The sneaker resale industry is expected to be worth $30 billion come 2030. This staggering figure is a clear representation of the revenues made from the job. With enough capital, you can purchase sneakers in bulk and then resell them on the available e-commerce platforms.

This side hustle option requires less business maintenance but a lot of investment capital. Most businesses that sell sneakers implement buying limits on the buyers. This is done to regulate the selling process due to limited stock numbers.

This becomes a challenge for people buying sneakers in bulk for their side hustles. However, with sneaker proxies, you can purchase sneakers in bulk without being limited by the imposed site limits.

The sneaker proxy masks your IP address, thereby, blocking the sites from tracking the number of products you buy. A sneaker proxy is a good investment for people looking to take up sneaker reselling as a side hustle.

2- Vlogging

The entertainment industry has changed significantly over the past couple of years. People can now create YouTube channels to create entertainment content for their audiences. Starting a YouTube channel is an easy task.

Succeeding and getting a loyal audience are tough tasks. You should identify your target audience. Identifying and targeting a specific audience will help you grow fast on YouTube and gain organic traffic through referrals from existing subscribers.

3- Product Deliveries

Online shopping has rapidly grown with the advent of e-commerce services. The increased rates of online shopping have necessitated the need for more delivery agents on different platforms. Malls hire delivery agents to deliver shopping to the homes of people who do their shopping online.

Even restaurants hire delivery agents to deliver meals to their clients. This increased rate of online shopping has created a need for more delivery agents in the market. Working as a delivery agent as a side hustle is a good option.

Delivery services allow one to work at times that are convenient for them. Delivery services also require little startup costs. With even a bicycle, you can start making deliveries and earning extra cash.

There are numerous product delivery applications or websites that you can register on to start your delivery job.

4- Application and Website Tester

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The evolution in computing technology has caused people to rely more on web applications and mobile applications. This, therefore, means that developers are developing and deploying numerous applications.

To improve their workflow, developers pay application or website testers to testers. The testers ascertain that every target use case of the applications can run properly. To start your side hustle as an application or website tester, you will have to undergo short training. 

The training will give you the necessary knowledge required to test various aspects of applications and/or websites. The time required to test an application or website can range from 5 to 30 minutes depending on the robustness of the application. Most application or website testing tasks pay about $10 per app or website tested.

To get clients, you can sign up on the available matchmaking platforms to get connected with various clients. This side hustle has an expansive ability to grow into much more. With enough experience, you can get projects or tasks paying up to $100 for a testing session that will last for about 60 minutes.

5- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing entails using resources that you have to market the products of a contractual client. In this era of social media, affiliate marketing has become a common concept for many people.

If you have a huge following on any social media platform, you can approach any business to consider working with you. Affiliate marketing can also be done via your blog, podcast, or vlog.

A key factor to note when getting into affiliate marketing is that the products you market should resonate with your existing audience. Marketing products that are not part of your audience’s taste will not be an efficient marketing method. Marketing such products can even taint your image with your existing followers, therefore, causing you to lose your audience. 

As a newbie to affiliate marketing, there are various affiliate marketing platforms such as ShareASale that you can enroll in. The platforms will help you to get clients and products to market easily.

6- Photography

Digital media has become a valuable investment in this era. If you are talented in photography, you can upload and sell your photos on sites such as Shutterstock. People buy images from such platforms to use on their websites, YouTube posters, etc.

Apart from selling the photos, you can also design print items and sell them on various e-commerce sites. You can sell print items such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, sweatshirts, etc. High-quality prints will earn you good sums of money.

You can also sell photography as a service during your free time. Photography services are required for events, such as weddings, baby showers, family reunions, etc. When offering photography-related products or services, you give the clients the quote you have designed based on the value you feel your work is worth.


Side hustles can offer a productive use for your free time. Productive use of your free time will help you feel better and improve your overall productivity your days. When choosing a side hustle, you should choose something you are interested in or passionate about. This will ensure that you do not get bored with the side hustle a few days down the line. 

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