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The Latest Email Segmentation Tips That Every Marketer Should Embrace

If you’re new to the email marketing industry, you may not know the significance of email segmentation. However, this is one of the most important aspects of email marketing. In fact, over 77% of email marketing returns on investment come from targeted, triggered, and segmented campaigns.

And the best thing about email segmentation is that there are numerous creative ways to segment your emails. This ensures your business runs effective and innovative campaigns that generate leads and sales.

But how can you segment email lists? Below are email segmentation tips you should embrace.

Segment Your Emails by Age

Today, there are people of all ages and demographics accessing the internet. This means that your email could be going to a retired grandmother, a college student, or even a small child. Before starting your email campaign, it’s essential to segment your potential audience to ensure your emails are going to the right people.

Start by checking the actual ages of the clients on your email list. This helps you remove the wrong age group from your email list. If your emails sell products for people around the age of 30-50 years, you will not get any results if your email list is full of teenagers or retirees.

Removing the people not on your target list will help you adjust the messaging of your email communication and target the right audience.

Use Quiz Results and Surveys

In marketing and advertising, information is the backbone of a great marketing campaign. Unfortunately, some marketers are minimalists and don’t ask customers for more information than their email address when signing up to their mailing list. However, using a quiz or a survey will help you collect a lot of information about your target consumers.

Use the information you collect from the survey to segment your email marketing. Segmenting will help you create the right emails for different consumers, increasing your chances of making a sale.

Use Geography to Segment

There are numerous ways you can take advantage of a client’s geographic location in marketing. Consumers’ location data is a valuable tool, especially for businesses that offer products and services that are location-based. Segmenting your email list using geographic location will significantly influence customers’ purchasing decisions.

For example, some businesses with branches in different locations can significantly benefit from this type of segmentation. You can segment your customers based on their geographic location. For instance, you can include your Dallas office’s address when targeting consumers in Dallas.

You should also include spam testing when sending your emails to avoid sending spam and risky content.

Start Email Segmentation Today

Marketers across the world have been taking advantage of the numerous benefits email segmentation brings to their brand. If you haven’t started doing the same for your business, you might be losing a lot of customers. Segmentation is also a great way to improve your email marketing ROI and enhance sales.

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