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Setting a WIFI network is not so hard today. Every router made an easy installation process. With an active broadband connection, any router will be configured easily. There are many working ways of the router setup. But with a simple setup error, your internet connection will not be operatable. Now, most of the router doesn’t have an app to configure or connect the router with the internet.

So, they provide a default gateway to access the router admin panel. The common default address is,, and For login into your router admin panel, you have to type one of those addresses in your browser address bar and need to hit enter.  Here we will go through the procedure of router admin panel login.

Default admin panel address

In recent times many of the router company working on building an app for easy configuration. But most of them are still use the internet browser for the admin panel. Every router company uses a common address for the router. However, it is in three variations and is mostly used.

Now, it depends on your router manufacturer that which address is the default. If your router default address is then you have to use it in your browser. Otherwise, you can’t access the router admin panel. You can find the default address in your router body and manual.

Login info

When you find your router address and type it into your web browser then it will ask you to enter login info. In the first installation, you have to enter the default username and password. Most routers use username and password as “admin”. So, you have to use this string as your username and password.

After successfully login, your first step will be to change the SSID and login info. The SSID is the WIFI name that is for recognizing the network. And setup a hard username and password for the router admin panel.

Common mistake after login into router administration

When you login to your router admin panel, you have to remember some important things. For instant excitement, we mess up every setting in the admin panel. So our internet connection shows error repeatedly. In the time of the first-time installation, use the help of experts. And your ISP will help you at that time. And use easy to remember and hard to guess password. If someone can get access to your router then your every device could be in danger.

Correct login IP address

If your router has any mobile app then you don’t need to worry. Because the app has been configured with the default IP login address. But if your router doesn’t have any app then you have to use the correct IP address in the browser.

Router configuration is quite easy now a day. Just plug the power cable and plug-in the Ethernet cable into the router port. And your router installation is successfully done. But in the time of configuration, you have to go through a specific procedure. In this article, we all learn about the login procedure of any router.

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