Laptops For PhD Students

Technology revelation makes our life a lot easier than in the past. Every service is now available online. Tech devices are now the only way to service in the world of internet and research. We can now see the outer world with the internet. From all the tech devices, the computer is the boss. It leads us in this modern world.

In the sector of study and research portable computers are useful than desktop. In this article, we will enlighten the importance of laptops for PhD students. Although desktops are preferred laptops are portable and you surely don’t want to share your research with others.

Importance of laptops for research

There is a reason for building a laptop. As a desktop user, you will face a problem that you can’t move with you. So, if you are in the middle of something and you have to go to another place for two days. You have to pause the work until your return. In the sector of PhD studying, research is their first priority. And that kind of work needs computers and the internet. So, you can’t take your desktop to the class, or even if you use the lab computer then you can’t take it back home. In the conclusion, a portable device that works as same as a desktop will be the best alternative.

Best laptops for PhD students

Here is a list of laptops that is suitable for PhD students for study and research.

LENOVO THINKPAD X1 – Configuration of this laptop is best. Intel i5 processor with 3 MB cache memory gives the laptop extra processing power. It has 8 GB SDRAM with 512 SSD support. 14 FHD IPS display provides the best picture and video quality.

APPLE MACBOOK AIR – We know that Apple is a high-class brand that made stylish and unique products. MacBook AIR is also a unique product that is best for PhD students. Intel i5 processor with 8GB RAM and SSD Storage ensure the best quality.

HP SPECTRE X360 – This laptop has great features that are suitable for any kind of research work. It has an i7 processor with 8MB Smart Cache. It provides a 13.3 full HD touch screen with 512 GB SSD.

SAMSUNG CHROMEBOOK PRO XE510C24 – Samsung made this Chromebook for high-end work. So, the configuration is suitable for any kind of research in PhD section.


 In this whole article, we enlighten with laptops for research. Those device configurations are also meet the requirement of any PhD students. Hope you enjoy the article.

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