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Creating The Interesting Promotional Advertisements

Recently, various campaigns have been carried out not only on TV and the Internet but also on SNS such as twitter, regardless of company or individual. These high-profile campaigns are packed with strategies and ideas that make you want to buy this product and learn more about this company.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain “interesting promotional advertisements that each company uses on YouTube, Instagram, TV commercials, and Twitter” with examples from the perspectives of psychology and marketing.

Also, at the end of the text, we introduce the latest idea of ​​promotional advertising, “Business Video Maker“. 

Three requirements for creating an interesting promotional ad 

In order to create interesting promotional ads, you have to introduce original and novel ideas. However, interesting promotional ads have a high probability of containing three elements:

  • Easy to share and participate
  • Using video
  • User has independence

Let’s explain each element in detail.

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Requirements 1: Easy to share and participate in promotions

This is because, even if the plan no matter how compelling campaign, or was a way to share them is complicated, that’s complicated is how to participate, how to apply, the user ends up leaving feeling “It’s troublesome,” “boring” because is.

Therefore, in order to increase the share rate and applicants of “interesting promotional advertisements”, the following measures are indispensable.

  • Optimization of sharing method
  • Application form optimization
  • Lower application conditions

Requirements 2: Use video for promotion

Promotional advertisements using videos are easily perceived as “interesting” by viewers. The reason for this is the rapid expansion of the video promotion market in recent years.

According to a survey by CyberAgent, the domestic video advertising market reached a record high of about 184 million yen in 2018, recording a year-on-year growth of 134%. The video advertising market is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the future due to the expansion of video formats through online media and the spread of video-specialized media. 

In addition, online shopping platform Amazon eBay has released a report that adding video ads as a product overview increases the chances of customers buying products by up to 35%.

For the above reasons, it can be seen that promotion using videos is more likely to be recognized by users as “interesting!”

 Requirements 3: User independence in promotion

 By using promotional ads that are user-independent, it is easier for users to find them “interesting”.

No matter how good your ads are, the final decision is always up to you.
Therefore, creating promotional ads with Business Video Makerthat increase the user’s sense of ownership will improve the user’s purchasing decision rate.

For example, user-participation-type promotions such as “If you post with # (hashtag), a message will be sent from the company” and “If you retweet or like, you can apply for a gift lottery”, etc., the user’s sense of ownership will be raised. This is a good example of what you can do.

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