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Social Media Branding Secrets Every Business Must Know

Social media is inevitable in our lives now. Whether it is social selling, content marketing, or customer support, social networking sites give you the perfect opportunity to reach out to your target audience and build your brand.

With so much variety and serious competition amongst the different platforms, it can be a difficult task for you to set your brand apart and carve out a niche on dynamic networking sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Know these social media branding secrets if your brand is not represented the way you want it to be on social media:

Hire An SEO Agency

An SEO Agency will be able to give your digital marketing efforts the much-needed boost that they may require. They can help your business by helping it stay abreast or even ahead of the latest trends, representing your business online, attracting new customers, managing and tracking campaigns, establishing your business authority, increasing social media engagement, and letting your business grow at a steady pace.

Though there are numerous SEO agencies across the globe only a good one like Digital White Labels can do justice to your Social Media Marketing Efforts. They are white labelable and are transparent in their approach.

Tell a Story

A good brand has a good story to tell, and this thing can make your brand more relatable. Once known as a faceless mobile app and video-editing software, GoPro’s demonstration of real people using its product resulted in a humongous increase in engagement. They Use human emotions and real-life examples to engage users and prospective customers. Your social media handles must be full of videos and jaw-dropping pictures from users underlining the utility and power of your product and services.

You can add a section to your services page – informing your users about activities on your social media accounts.

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Know your Audience

Who is your audience? What are their demographics? What problems do your users have that your brand can solve? How can you bring value to their life or business? These are just a few of the questions that you must have an answer to.

The better you know your readers, the more efficiently you can create a social platform that provides relevancy and value to them. If you’re about to embark on a social media journey, start by listening to what people want as well as what your competitors are offering. An ideal social brand is one that listens to more and talks less. Social media is not just about talking; it’s also about engaging in a relevant conversation with real human beings.

Acknowledge Brand Mentions

Don’t be bothered by comments that may be positive, negative, or neutral; just prove your brand diligence by acknowledging a mention and following it up with the required response. Also, address any conversation/comment/complaint on the platform it is raised on. For example, if a comment is made on Facebook, address it on Facebook itself; there is no need to create a tweet and post it on Twitter.

Create a Forum for Your Brand

Creating brand-owned forums will help your consumers share their grievances on these platforms and not scatter them on all the platforms across the web. This will help in tracking comments, assigning responsibilities, and improving response and closure rates. These forums can be completely controlled by a brand, thereby ensuring that social media chaos across various platforms is restricted.

Choose a Consistent Social Network Brand Name

Try choosing a consistent social network brand name for all social media platforms. Even if your preferred name is taken, it may be good to select a different name that you can have across most of the platforms.

Know When to Take a Complainant Offline

Avoid taking a customer to a private mode of conversation in order to evade addressing their comment on a public platform. Be confident and handle the situation on social media and let readers witness and appreciate your customer handling skills as well. Entertain offline requests only for those situations, which need privacy.

Use Technology to Empower Your Brand Team

Keep aside a budget to invest in the tools and technology available to help your marketing team monitor your brand online. A number of social media listening tools to monitor your brand hashtags and critical keywords associated with your brand are available free of cost.

But when you hire a good SEO Agency such as Digital White Labels, you wouldn’t have to worry about your social media handles. They are experts in Social Media Marketing and will ensure that the engagement of your social media is higher than your competitors.

 Engage With Both Your Current and Prospective Customers

Always engage (reply, respond, like, share a comment) on social media by tagging your brand. Speed up your reaction time to any customer issue to ensure that the complainant understands that you have taken notice of his/her comment. Have a nice, kind, and clear approach in all your communication channels. Being proactive and real are favored characteristics on social media.

Communication Strategy

Having a proper communication strategy in place is a critical step towards managing one’s brand’s online reputation on social media. It is important for you to develop a detailed communication strategy.

This must trickle down to all the departments that should collaborate with each other internally. Also, prepare your team to handle any kind of reputational crisis.

All these can be achieved by:

  • having a ready plan,
  • effective and regular internal training for all those who are customer-facing personnel, and
  • Assigning clear, defined responsibilities to every individual in a team.

Take Your Audience on a Journey

Becoming a social brand is a journey and not a destination. During this journey, you are going to learn, grow and evolve. You’re going to fall down and bruise yourself. But it’s important to stand up, dust yourself, and keep moving. Only then you can reach where you aspire to be. Share your stories. When you share your ups and downs, your followers will celebrate each of your wins. Because they know they are a part of what you built. Be humble, be real, be you.

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