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How to Raise views on Tik Tok

TikTok, a well-known and popular social network among young people, makes it possible to shoot and demonstrate unique, exclusive videos, gaining many likes and subscribers. How to succeed by creating your own new video to attract subscribers, a large number of users who want to watch the clip. To do this, there are various ways to quickly wind up views. There are also paid sites where you can buy followers on tiktok and free sites that make it possible to increase the video rating and increase the number of subscribers. Let’s talk about everything in more detail.

How views on TikTok are understood from scratch

There are many options, but you should pay attention to the most understandable and most importantly effective ones. Take advantage of each tip to make the clip popular and like the user who will watch it.

1. Coming up with unusual, original, unique features

In order to stand out from the general crowd, create a unique invention, come up with something extraordinary to please the viewer. This is what will allow you to attract new subscribers and collect a lot of likes, sincere and real;

2. We regularly shoot new clips, add them for viewing by a wide audience

Even the most popular video that gets a lot of likes will cease to arouse interest in your account if you don’t pamper users with new clips. Therefore, you should not be lazy and stop there, shoot cool videos, post them on Tik Tok, and wait for new enthusiastic comments;

3. We shoot a video that will capture from the first second

The main task of the video is to attract attention, the desire to watch it to the end and will not turn it off right away, because it has become boring. Therefore, if you have an interesting idea to shoot a sticky video, think about how to make it immediately like it, and not want to include something else. Viewers are curious to watch something funny, dynamic, and non-standard. It is these videos that gain a lot of followers and likes;

4. Writing the script

If you want your video to get a lot of views, be sure to write a script, think over each scene. The video must be interesting, so you need a trick, some kind of unusual life hack, a funny creative situation. Try to be original, sometimes even funny;

5. Induce emotion to make users want to write a comment

Try to evoke positive emotions, and maybe even dissatisfaction. The main thing is to achieve vivid impressions and the desire to leave a review. Shoot videos on hot topics, criticize, express your own opinion. The audience likes it all.

Induce emotion to make users want to write a comment

All of the above methods of boosting likes and subscribers are understandable, but there is another proven method – paid and free online services.

They help to make the page more popular and make it possible to quickly promote the profile. We suggest using one or more sites that provide a service to promote your account in social networks. It’s worth noting that some platforms charge money for this, but they do their job well.

Online services for cheating that may come in handy

It is Internet services that help solve the problem – how to wind up likes, subscribers and comments.

6. Use hashtags to your videos. 

What hashtags will be popular in 2021?

The popular, well-known hashtags on TikTok represent the most famous designations for video clips. They are used to increase subscribers, that is, to promote a profile. This social network is mainly inhabited by the younger generation. The simplest youth from an ordinary family can become popular absolutely from scratch. It should be noted that promoting a profile requires a lot of time and effort. Check thewatchcartoononline to watch high end cartoons onlineTo grow your account to the highest level, you need to use a variety of promotion methods. Hashtags are one of these methods. They must be constantly used. The main thing is to insert them into each clip. Tags help bring your account to the top, but don’t forget that video quality is also important. After all, if the video is terrible, then tags will not help here. We will tell you how to use this trick correctly below.

At the moment, the popular tags on TikTok among users are:

Music and dance hashtags

Music, dance hashtags are words as well as phrases from trending songs. These tags include:






These videos often feature dance as well as music challenges, often people resort to duets.

Store tags

If you have a store and want to use tags associated with stores in the video, then try the options below. They are versatile and effective.








Tags for profile upgrading, popularization.

To cheat your account, use tags with words such as:

# rivers;



# popular;


# top;





Many of these hashtags have moved to TikTok from the Instagram social network. Follow popular hashtags, and don’t forget that your content must match the tag.

For live broadcasts

If you want to start live streaming but don’t know which tags to use, then the list below will help you. Broadcast tags:




# like4like







#interesting stories

More likes and followers tags

Do you want to get a huge number of likes? If so, write these words under each clip:




# like4like;

# repost4folow;

# subscribers;


Recommendations tags

In order to get into the recommendations, write exclusively trending hashtags. Examples of trend tags: # rivers; #recommendations; #meme; #funny video; #cute; #love; #funny; #girl. It is recommended to combine and combine these tags.

What are they needed for?

Increase in the number of likes on the profile;

increase in the number of subscribers on the account;

Videos with tags are more likely to be included in Recommendations;

the account gets to the Top, due to the hit of the video Recommendations;

a large number of people are interested in you;

attract interested people;

allow you to get into the list of recommendations.

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