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5 Tips for beginners to build and promote their brand on Facebook

Social media has been a crucial element of promotional campaigns for quite some time now. It is increasingly expanding its grip over digital marketing strategies with marketers emphasizing this segment with much rigor. With so many social platforms emerging in the recent past, Facebook seems to have taken a back seat in these promotional plans.

However, this underrated marketing medium still plays a vital role in taking businesses to their next levels. For that reason, businesses are still investing in the best facebook marketing agency in Australia to ensure a comprehensive marketing approach. They realize that like every other platform Facebook has its unique audience which might not be present elsewhere.

Additionally, Facebook offers several tools that can help you run targeted campaigns for greater ROI. You can reach out to a specific audience with categorical information. From choosing an industry to a specific niche and product line, your campaigns can be as specific as it gets. You can make more sales, provide better services, and grow.

Here are some ways small businesses and limited-budget startups can utilize this amazing platform to elevate their business.

  • Utilize business tools

Creating and maintaining a businesses page and account on Facebook is the first thing you can do, to begin with. It gives more credibility and viability to your business. Fill your profile section with impressive information to establish your authority. You can direct all your posts to your target audience.

For instance, you can hook the visitors immediately with a relevant and captivating cover photo that describes your business offerings the best. You can use a messenger tool to build a direct connection with the prospects and also link your Facebook and Instagram accounts to draw comprehensive benefits.

  • Use the shop function

In its relatively recent updates, Facebook includes the shop function to facilitate its customers. With the help of this feature, you can easily and quickly set up a store on this platform using your website catalog.

There are two ways to set up the store. You can either direct the customers to your website or allow them to shop directly to this store. Apart from including the catalog, it also allows you to add more information for each product.

  • Benefit from analytics and insights

No marketing campaign is fruitful if you cannot track its performance. It is crucial to analyze your efforts to continuously optimize and gain maximum returns. Facebook provides you with an extensive analytics feature that provides insights such as the number of followers, likes, the engagement level of each post, etc. You can easily figure out what is working for you and why and optimize your efforts accordingly.

  • Invest in paid ads

PPC (Pay Per Click) is one of the most promising marketing tools regardless of the platform it is used for. It is a high-yield marketing tool that can be perplexing sometimes. As you are paying for these ads, it is crucial to get them right and make proportional returns. With Facebook, you can target your ads not only geography, demographics, behavior, and even the interest of your customers.

  • Get reviewed

Customers need full assurance before they shop with your businesses. Apart from the information you provide, reviews from other buyers are also crucial in converting browsers into buyers.

You can use the company review option on Facebook to build your authority and use them as social proof. These reviews are also used by Google algorithms and can appear on the result page beside your company’s information.

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