Thinks To Consider Before Measuring the Screen Size

You might already have known the fact that a laptop screen must be measured from the top left corner to the bottom right, the screen is always measured diagonally. This is obvious that the screen size measurement does not include the body of the laptop.

Using Measuring Tape

Do not try anything else except the measuring tape which comes with a mark of every single inch. Hold the measuring tape firmly because when you hold it loosely can give more inches to the laptop screen. Let’s place it on the top right corner as mentioned above.

Read it from Laptop Manual  

A laptop manual contains every little detail about the laptop including its screen size. Users can easily read the relevant details from the manual; it also contains the details about other hardware such as processor, ram, motherboard, and storage.

Find the stick on the back of the laptop

You need to find the sticker placed on the backside of the laptop. This sticker is printed with all essential details and also shares information like screen size, laptop model, and manufacturing date.

The sticker is most likely to be placed on the bottom of the backside.

Visit the official website

The all big brands of laptops offer their customer a facility to enter the laptop model and get all the important details and laptop specifications. These specifications will include processor speed, amount of ram, amount of internal storage, motherboard details, and screen size. The user does not have to manually perform the screen size measurement and can visit the website to get the desired information.

Take help from GOOGLE

GOOGLE knows everything as millions of publishers are entering the data on it daily basis. You can easily type the laptop model name and type “Screen Size” as a keyword to get the required information. A laptop niche site will most likely provide this detail on its snippet feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

How to measure the screen size of a laptop?

As we discussed above, the measuring tape is the only physical technique to measure the laptop screen diagonally from the top right to the left bottom side. One must not hold the measuring tape loosely as it will not give an exact measurement.

Can we measure the screen size from top to bottom from the center?

It is not the right way of measuring screen size and will not give you the exact size. It should be measured diagonally which is the right technique to do.

Is the screen bezels also include the screen size?

Screen size does not include the bezels because it is part of the laptop body. Screen size only includes the screen area which displays the images and video on screen resolution.

How to Get Keyboard Light on Hp Laptop

The latest HP laptops have a keyboard with a light. The keyboard light can be enabled or disabled by simultaneously pressing the “Fn” key and the “~” key for about three seconds. When you turn on the keyboard light, you will see a blue light at the top left corner of the keyboard under the “Fn” key.

How To Rotate The Camera In The Sims 4 On A Laptop

If you’re looking for information on how to rotate camera in sims 4 on a laptop this forum has a thread where several different people have posted possible solutions.

Final Words

There are several ways of measuring screen size or getting to know this information from other sources. One of these techniques should be used before buying a laptop, especially when the screen size is very critical for the user.

Google and the official website can help you a lot in obtaining this information. Google has been updated with such data on regular basis, whereas official websites provide the same information to improve customer service.

For more articles visit this website.

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