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Increase YouTube Channel Subscribers By 300% Within a Month

Want to make it big in the world of YouTube but fail to increase your subscriber count? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Just like every other thing in the world, YouTube looks easier from afar. However, once you get the hang of it, it is endlessly fascinating and full of opportunities. And if you’re wallowing in self-despair, just remember all your favorite YouTubers had a rocky beginning too. Learn more about increasing YouTube Channel Subscribers By 300% Within a Month.

Here are a few tips and tricks to get increase youtube channel subscribers by 300% within a month:

  1. Better video titles: Your video title is arguably the most crucial part of increasing your subscriber count. The title needs to be short & succinct, consist of relevant keywords & still have the power to arouse curiosity. Yes, it’s a tricky business to create a title that fits into all these criteria but they are all interlinked and one would fall flat without the other. A short title is catchy, putting in keywords will help in terms of discoverability and a sliver of curiosity will help generate more clicks and views. Once you have gained considerable success you can experiment with off-beat and quirky names to attract an audience.
  1. Description matters: More often than not it is easy to overlook or ignore the description box because the real content is in the video. No one is going to check the description box, will they? Wrong! Yes, your viewers are likely to ignore it but YouTube will not. It is imperative to include a description of your video in the box as it helps the YouTube algorithm direct potential viewers to your video. Include the relevant keywords but don’t overcrowd them. Always keep it real!
  1. Meta-tags for the win: These recently introduced meta-tags are infinitely useful. Most videos on YouTube suffer not because they have poor content but instead due to low discoverability. Meta-tags put you on the map! Use them wisely and not very liberally. Find the correct keywords. You may do so by employing the Google Keyword Planner’s help.
  1. The longer, the better: When YouTubers first started making a splash in the market, shorter videos generated more views. But we have come a long way since then or should I say longer?  Nowadays videos longer than 10 minutes perform much better owing to the changed YouTube algorithm. Longer videos simply seem to rank much higher. However, you have to also ensure that your videos remain entertaining throughout their duration. So, if you are finding it hard to publish a video that continues for 10 minutes or more, don’t push yourself.
  1. Engaging content, obviously: This is a given. If you are making content it should be entertaining, informative and most importantly unique. So prepare a script, do your research, work out your priorities and make a video that you are proud of. Before publishing your video, you must believe your video is really helpful to your audience. If it is, it deserves to be out there.

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