5 Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Modern Travelers

There is no rule saying that the modern traveler has to sacrifice comfort, accessibility, and certain luxuries to travel. Here are five must-have gadgets for the modern traveler.

Sunglasses with Camera

A sunglasses with camera means you do not have to risk taking out your smartphone or your bulky DSLR. It’s hands-free and could be discreet. Then, you can choose some different options. You can get something like this; it has good video recording abilities and bends nicely as regular sunglasses with a camera in the frame’s center.

Or you can get fancier. The Spectacles 3, initially made for Snapchat, has a camera on the side of the frame offering 3D videos. The Spectacles 3 is designed to be fancy, and it is a statement of style instead of being a discreet pair of sunglasses with a camera.

Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron

Imagine a slightly taller computer mouse, and now imagine it can iron your clothes. Yeah… This pocket steam iron is jacked up enough to get the job done, and it is small enough to be stored in your suitcase without taking up too much space.

That means you don’t have to worry about whether there will be ironing services available in your hotel, especially if you get to a hotel late in the night with an important interview in the morning. You can use it to iron out anywhere in the world able to run on 240 volts and 100 volts both. An easy way to make steam is a potent tool for photographers and people looking to sanitize surfaces. Weird flex, I know.


I know a VPN is not a gadget, but I had to mention it here because people don’t use them. The issue is simple, not using a VPN makes your digital devices susceptible to being hacked even if you are using private networks. The public networks in hotels and public areas are not an option for you to remain secure. Then, VPN allows you to catch broadcasts from other countries, such as watching your favorite soccer team’s match while you are vacationing in Bali. VPN also allows you access to free media bypassing some country’s restrictions like China’s Great Firewall. Finally, VPN will enable you to make bookings and shop online if you were in a different country. This can sometimes mean you save a lot of money by choosing the correct country. So, there are many services to choose from; most would suffice if you want to remain safe.

Packing Cubes

Let’s be honest. It takes a good 20 minutes every time to most efficiently fill your suitcase. If anything is placed in any different form, it overflows and has to be adjusted, or you have to throw something out. This is incredibly annoying when you have to move around multiple times a day and not have a weekend hotel’s safety.

Packing cubes are by no means technological marvels, but they have fantastic utility:

  1. They allow you to segregate your stuff so you don’t ruffle up all other things in the suitcase; you will never have to adjust your sheets’ folds because you wanted to take out a shirt.
  2. They allow you to use the space inside your suitcase as efficiently as possible.
  3. It is going to save you hours of your time over one single trip.  
  4. Chromecast
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As it turns out, I don’t like what hotel TVs offer as entertainment after a long day, and staring at a small mobile screen in bed is just wrong. Then, Chromecast comes in to save the day. It is a small device that can be attached to almost all modern TVs with an HDMI port. You can then stream many websites and apps such as Netflix and YouTube on the big screen as you relax in the hotel room’s bed.

Chromecast comes in the clutch too, when you want to take over screens and show a group of people something like the weekend schedule, a sports game, or photos. If you are at a wedding, you can use Chromecast to show the couple’s nice slideshows on any available screen.

There you have it, and this list could be expanded to dozens and dozens of items, so why don’t you start with these? And we will see you again with an expansive list. Bye!

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