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How To Create Viral Social Media Videos

Out of 5,000 videos posted on social media, only 50 of them will go viral.

As an entrepreneur, you feel that the odds are against you when creating these videos. You even argue that it takes luck for videos to go viral, so there is no need to try. After all, there are so many videos on social media, and it’s challenging to compete with them.

However, before you give up, know that there is a formula for creating viral social media videos.

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Post as Many Social Media Videos as Possible

Most companies waste a lot of time trying to create the perfect video to post on social media. Understand that to increase your odds of success; you must produce many social media videos. After all, there is a low chance that your first video will go viral.

That’s why on top of creating videos, you should learn how to go live on various social media platforms. So, look for resources that educate you on growing followers with Instagram live. Your goal is to have many people watching your video, which is the first step to creating viral videos.

Use K.I.S.S to Create Viral Videos

To create a social media viral video, you need to learn how to use the K.I.S.S formula. The plan is to keep it short and sweet (K.I.S.S) to capture people’s attention. Understand that you’re competing for attention with other videos so that no one will watch your long videos.
 Besides, get to the point quickly and avoid dragging suspense for too long, leading to frustrations. You may, however, wonder whether one short video is enough to boost brand awareness and the quick answer is no. The trick is to make many short and sweet videos that boost your brand’s popularity.

Tell a Story

The other secret for creating viral social media videos is to tell engaging stories. Avoid making the error of making too salesy when making these videos. Yes, the videos are supposed to market your product or service but don’t let this be the only thing you discuss.

The smart approach is to tell a story about your business. Something that creates an emotional connection and shows that your business cares about it, customers. Besides, make the video funny to ensure that many people share it.

After all, if you study most viral social media videos, you’ll find they tell a story and are funny. So, by combining these two things, you increase the odds of your videos going viral.

Boost Brand Awareness by Creating Viral Social Media Videos

Creating viral social media videos offers a quick way to boost brand awareness. That’s why you should learn the above formula for creating viral videos. The idea is to use the K.I.S.S formula to boost the views you get.

Besides, learn how to tell engaging stories which evoke an emotional connection with the audience.

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