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Top 12 Pakistani YouTubers

Nowadays, everyone is out to be a Vlogger. Some people turn that emotion into a long-term thing. Even in Pakistan, we now have real content creators with really great content on YouTube. Pakistani YouTube tech covers many topics, from beauty to humor.

A few years ago, Pakistani YouTuber was not making as effective materials as they are today.

YouTube is a fantastic platform where anyone can upload videos and create a blog about almost everything that interests you. Social media fame is not easy these days. It requires real hard work and a strong commitment to your particular task.

Most importantly, it requires proven patience and tolerance because it was not easy for anyone in one night or gained fame. But, in a few hours, a video can go viral and can have millions of comments. However, there are always some requirements to reach this mark.

1. Nadir Ali P 4 Pakao

Nadir Ali is the man behind Pakistan’s biggest YouTube channel, P 4 Pakao. Since it has become Pakistan’s most extensive independent channel in 2018, this is the first Pakistani separate YouTube channel to have over 1 million people. He also has a record of becoming the first YouTube to reach 2 million in Pakistan.

Nadir Ali is from Karachi and started his YouTube channel in 2016. They had initial success on Facebook, because their original videos went viral on many Facebook and, according to history, they are getting fat there too. As a comedian, Nadir Ali has been praised from both sides of the border of India and Pakistan. Famous Indian Bollywood stars have also praised Nadir Ali and his sense of humor.

2. Kitchen with Amna

In 2018, Pakistan saw a boom in its YouTube stars, and we have multiple channels, and you are leaving the entire nation. Amna became the first Woman YouTube to reach 1 million users on YouTube. It has become a significant milestone for a country known as a conservative society.

Kitchen with Amna is a cooking channel where the host uploads various recipes and cooking signals daily. If you like Pakistani, Indian, and Continental cuisine, the kitchen with Amna can help them with their amazing recipes.

3. Qasim Ali Shah

Qasim Ali Shah is a famous trainer and enthusiastic speaker. Their online presence and content are prevalent among the Pakistani people and educated youth. Its YouTube channels are based on lectures and short-term videos that are gaining high popularity. When it comes to new users on YouTube, it’s the most profitable.

4.Mubashir Siddique (Village Food Secrets)

The producer Siddique worked as a production manager at a football manufacturing company in Sialkot. He also spent a year working in Malaysia, but he left everything and returned home to care for his family, and then silver was born.

The 33-year-old, from a small village in Shahpur in The District of Sialkot, Punjab, started his YouTube channel, The Village Food Secret, where he shared food recipes from the community and was like by people around the world.

It has become a YouTube phenomenon at any time because, in just two years, the channel has grown to 720,000, and we can proudly say that the most popular of the small village is the Top You Tuber of Pakistan.

5.Saad Ur Rehman (Ducky Bhai)

Saad Rehman is the man behind Pakistan’s best-known YouTube channel. As the name of the Ducky Bhai (his YouTube channel name) is from Lahore, and this year, he is 20 years old. Saad did his bachelor’s in computer from Lahore. But he has already graduated from YouTube Academy as a prominent YouTube graduate from Pakistan.

In 2018, he appeared in public due to his online grudge with another famous YouTube. And since then, its YouTube channel has increased rapidly. With many Indian content creators, Saad has joined elite legs and is in the process of crossing the 10 million mark in 2019.

6.Shahmeer Abbas

Shahmeer Shah is the fastest rising You Tuber from Pakistan. Born in Lahore in April 1999, he is famous for his funny videos and fun stuff. The local superstar is winning the Internet with his dance trick and weird videos, where he makes random people on the streets. Its channel on YouTube is one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing chains, as it has seen an incredible28, 000% increase in its followers in 2018 alone.

8. Irfan Junejo

This man is probably Pakistan’s most famous blogger. He was the one who started this trending and is now considered the best in business. Currently, it has a total of 485,254 subscribers on YouTube, and this number is increasing with every passing day. His unique style of video making, his story and, his thinking blogs make it even more special.


The boy from Larkana, who dropped from university in his seventh semester, has finally taken to YouTube. With his unique style of speech and a sense of humor, Samo made a huge fan in a short time. He is primarily known for his roster session called Awesamo Speaks. His video editing is also very exciting. Its channel runs under the name of the KhujLee family and currently has a total of 694,783 subscribers to its channel.

10.Azad Chaiwala

Azad Chaiwala, a Pakistani businessman who runs a lot of businesses around the world and runs a YouTube channel with the same name. From which he shares ideas to learn young Pakistani business people. People can get productive business ideas, especially from Pakistan, to start earning from anywhere in the world.

He recently moved back to Pakistan and is currently doing his business in Azad Kashmir. His style is attractive and, his content is unique, which helped him get on our list. We offer Good Wishes to Mr. Chaiwala and give him the full power to continue doing what he is doing on his YouTube channel.


Lahorified is the most famous prank youtube channel in Pakistan.lahorified team is creating an engaging content daily base. lahorified content is so funny. now lahorified launched our website which covers the latest news and other topics which is interest and gets attraction our audience

12.Tips Technology

He is a rising YouTube star from Lahore, who creates a variety of tech stuff for his followers. Its content is not limited to teach, information, or reviews. It creates all kinds of tech content for its users. He’s in all these domains. Because of this constant speed and speed, people follow its channel. And because of this confidence, its channel is growing at an incredible rate.

We hope you’ll surely like Top 10 Pakistani You Tubers 2020 articles. So, that was all. We hope you could find some of the most exciting accounts on YouTube to follow. Indeed, they have fantastic content that you can look for.

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