Before You Take A Step Forward To Visa Subclass 186, Read This First

Foreign travel is no longer a far-fetched thought. Air travel has become a part and parcel of everyday life. Businessmen, tourists and students go back and forth between countries quite frequently. Australia is one of the most coveted and well-travelled destinations around the world. People come here for all sorts of things.

The natural landscape, numerous job opportunities and academic options are popular among people. However, getting to Australia is not all that simple. You need to get a visa and pass several tests to gain entry and eventual residence in the country. Therefore, it is important that you read through these points mentioned below to avoid any last-minute delays. Here is all you need to know about the visa subclass 186:

Who can apply for the visa?

Anyone who wants to enter the Australian borders legally must have a visa with them. The visa ensures that you are a safe and credible person who can be allowed to enter the country and even reside there. Now, there are different types of visas depending on the duration and purpose of your stay. There are temporary transit visas, permanent visas and labour agreements. These visas are accessible to candidates both in and outside the country. 

For travelers, needing only a few weeks or months at max, the visa application would be different. Similarly, students and working professionals looking for a chance to reside here for a few years have to apply for a different visa subclass 186.

What are the different visas available for people?

Workers, professionals and graduates can enrol in the 186-Employer Nomination Scheme. This scheme basically checks the applicant’s calibre and skills. You need to submit your academic degrees, skillset assessment score and character certificate for this enrollment. The skillset assessment is a test that checks the relevancy and authenticity of your skills. Every year the skillset updates its occupation list.

This list comprises industries that are useful to boost Australia’s economy. If your field of work or study falls into the category, the chances of getting your visa approved gets considerably high. These visas are valid for different durations, each having its special subclass and sections that you can apply through. For a first timer this information can get confusing. This is where migration officers and offices come into play.

Can you gain permanent residence as an employee here?

Yes, Australia does have the provision to grant permanent residence to employees who are nominated and have a high skill set score. This is a win-win for both the country and the applicant. The applicant gains residence here and the country gains a valuable workforce asset. The employees should produce their offer letter, payment slips, reference letters from their peers and seniors to be qualified for this position though.

Furthermore, as per the Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186, the candidate should also clear their ILETS or TOEFLS score. This is the language test that checks the reading, writing and English comprehension skills of the applicants. 

English is a common language that is spoken in almost every part of Australia. It is mandatory for applicants from non-English speaking countries to clear this test and prove their language skills. It also makes their stay in the country far easier as it helps them interact with the locals and settle down more comfortably.

How do you apply for visa 186?

Knowing about the eligibility criteria and key highlights is crucial while planning the application. The subclass 186 visa processing and application is quite easy now. You would have to know about the various application clauses and eligibility criteria as stated under:

The eligibility requirements and conditions for TRT or Temporary Residence Transition Scheme are given below:

    1. The age of the applicant shouldn’t be more than 45 years

    2. The demonstration of competent ‘English’ is mandatory

    3. The nomination that you have received should be associated with the Direct Entry Stream. 

    4. If the Minister requires, you will have to display your skills in relation to the position of your nominated occupation.

For direct entry stream

While the first four criteria are the same as the TRT scheme, in the Direct Entry Stream, you will have to stay as a nominated individual in a particular occupation for a minimum period of 3 years.

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What are the documents needed for visa application?

Visa application and processing requires a lot of paperwork. You need to keep all your documents updated. And if you’re staying here for a longer duration then your assessments and language tests have to be renewed and taken fresh as well. This means that you need to start preparing for the visa process well in advance. 

    • Clear all your tests, have the results and submit all your paperwork weeks before your travel date. This would reduce the risk of any delays or losses due to any last-minute glitches. 

    • You should also consider the possibility that the visas might not be approved or rejected on some grounds by the officers. Take all these points into account before you apply for the visa. 

The main documents that you’d need for the visa are your 

    1. ID proof

    2. Employment documents

    3. Salary slips

    4. Health certificates

    5. Reference letters from employers

    6. Skillset assessment results

    7. Character certificate from your local law enforcement authorities. 

These documents give the immigration officers a basic idea about your credibility as a citizen.

How does an immigration officer help you?

The migration agent Perth comes in as a lifesaver for those novice applicants who have no clue about the visa application process. The officer not only helps you with the attestation and processing but also offers the latest updates on how you can improve your application.

Australian embassy and immigration offices are extremely reliable for getting prompt and quick help in these cases. You can reach out to them online, drop in a call or pay a visit to the immigration officer in any of the regional or urban territories.

Australia is a great place to reside and work in. The country opens up a plethora of opportunities for talented professionals and students who want a successful career and quiet stay. 

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