How to fight the pandemic with a charged up team in the business?

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, leaders and their Hr professionals have a lot to manage. Everything took some serious turn when Government enforced even the businesses who has register new company in India and LLPs to let employees work from home. It was an initiative that required firms to file a “CAR” form where everyone needed to make efforts to prevent the disease from spreading. 

Such a situation also requires coordination of healthy business activities if essential staff report for work or if employees return to work. There is also the challenge to balance employee’s privacy when he or she tests the virus positively. Lastly, it is crucial to emphasize the interim moral efforts to help people navigate these unprecedented and volatile times.

If employees do not have confidence in the management team, they may be wondering about the organization’s future, wondering if its function is safe and if their role is either disengaged or beginning to seek a new job. 

Let us take a look at key points that businesses should follow to emerge as a winner on the other side of the COVID-19 crisis. 

1. Transparent Information Communication.

During crisis times, communication – positive or otherwise – plays a significant role in how your employees respond and progresses. Your impulses may be to defend workers from what is happening in the company and not to keep them updated. At the other end, misleading statements that all is great are just as harmful.

You must be as open, honest, and transparent as you can be. Try to exude trust and a positive outlook in your communications to help keep up employees’ morale.

Chances are, when your employees see you panicking, they’ll panic too. But, if you choose to display strength, they will feel confident in your ability to make the right decisions for them and the company.

2. Streamlining Routine Teamwork

During a pandemic, the status quo changes constantly, therefore teams need continuous updates. The best home office environment is recommended by ensuring daily communication opportunities between teammates, teams, and managers through skype calling, messaging, social media platforms, or other digital communication tools.

Companies can even create social coffee half-hours “digitally” with teams via Skype, for example. Others have team-building Snapchat groups. Platforms like Slack can contribute to clarity in project management, follow-up messages, and knowledge share for low ambiguity.

Such communication measures protect against isolation and loneliness feelings and thus optimal team production. That is, the streamlining your teamwork becomes key to social interaction to make up for lack of social interaction online.

3. Coordinating Healthy Business Operations

Now is not the time to presume that everybody will be on the same page considering the change and confusion. This includes working with various departments and redefining HR management in Pandemic

Below are some tips for trying to keep things going in this Pandemic as smoothly as possible:

•         Identification of workplace coordinator and point of contact for and impact on the workplace due to COVID-19 issues. Every team leader should be aware of who this person is and must have all activities with him reviewed and organized.

•         Make an emergency plan for the rise in sick leaves and workers downtimes.

•         Implement flexible policies and practices for sick leave and support. It is not time to risk exposing people to the virus because of fears that they may lose their jobs or that their managers or team members may face hard times. 

4. Vision Sharing is Essential

Being transparent and informed about how the team and business plans to move forward helps your employees take part in achieving business goals. You must know where you are before you can get there. Strong industry leaders know how to convey a vibrant image of the future, even in tough times.

Fuelled by their passion for the vision, they demonstrate clearly how workers can contribute and how important the position of each person is. To truly hear and remember the message, employees must be exposed to it several times, and for that, one often needs to tap on key staff and ask their well-being.

It is time for managers to show their investment in the success of that person and their eagerness to become an energy source to help them get there. And once your team starts bouncing back, don’t lose your momentum. Keep your leadership strength when things go well to make sure you earned your team’s trust for the next low point.

5. Celebrate large and small wins

When your company’s time is difficult, it can be easy to live on everything that goes wrong, which will ultimately lead to low moral standards throughout the business. Remember to celebrate big and small wins to maintain high moral standards and to remind your team that their work is valuable.

Sometimes when feasible, break big business objectives into smaller, more achievable goals and start tracking team progress. If your team achieves a small goal, such as a project deadline, a higher click rate, or a successful launch of a new campaign, celebrate a win.

Rejuvenating your team with positivity will help to improve morality under challenging times. It allows you to see more trust and productivity in your team.


These are difficult times for everyone, but also a few times will soon be forgotten. The most innovative businesses know how to serve their workers the best ability to create sustainability within their workforce and to force their products on the customers.

Work through one of the toughest situations (for instance, if offices or production lines have to be closed) and start preparing appropriate communication with your staff in advance. Your task is to respond constructively and not chaotically or to communicate with employees.

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