What Are the Best Electronic Cigarette Chargers to Use?

Are you shopping for a new electronic cigarette charger? Then you’re in luck because you’ll find the best electronic cigarette chargers listed below!

When you break out your electronic cigarette to puff and chill out, there’s nothing more upsetting than finding your battery needs charging. A quick, complete charge is a must when using e-cigarettes, for beginners and seasoned vapers alike.

To the untrained eye, electronic cigarette chargers look a lot alike, but that doesn’t mean they’re all of the same quality. Take a look at this list of the best e-cigarette chargers on the market.

Included Electronic Cigarette Chargers

Those first learning how to use an e-cigarette sometimes make the mistake of using a phone charger for their e-cig batteries. Using the wrong charger for a lithium battery reduces its life and can even start fires.

A better option is using the factory charger that came with your e-cigarette. It’s designed for the battery’s specific amperage, so it won’t under- or overcharge the battery. Likewise, your battery won’t break the e-cig charger.

Yet, life happens, and you could break the charger by stepping on it or pulling the cord, or you might simply lose it. When that happens, you’ll want to check out this location or a nearby vape store carrying the charger that matches your e-cig.

Battery-Only Electronic Cigarette Chargers

If you want to get the most juice possible from your e-cig battery, look into battery-specific chargers. USB chargers are handy, but they have several major downsides. They can charge your battery unevenly, overcharge it, or even ruin the receiving port on your e-cigarette if the connector becomes bent or dirty.

Quality battery-specific chargers, on the other hand, don’t have those problems. They provide an even charge and stop, without fail, when the batteries are full. If you forget to remove your electronic cigarette battery when you go to sleep, there’s no concern about a fire hazard like an overcharged e-cig battery plugged into a phone charger poses.

Another benefit of battery-only chargers is that most work well for several types of batteries.

What’s more, they charge as many as four batteries at once. If you have multiple e-cigs, e-cigs and herb vaporizers, or any other devices that use compatible batteries, you can charge them all at once. That means there’s no more hassle of waiting for one thing to charge so you can charge another, and no more tangle of confusing cords!

USB Pen Chargers

Many e-cigarettes come in pen form with 510 threaded batteries. They’re beloved because they’re convenient, portable, and discreet. However, there’s only one kind of charger for them.

510 e-cig chargers are small USB connectors with a threaded port for you to attach to your battery/pen. There’s no shortage of alternate options if you don’t have the original charger.

Yet, some connectors are exposed while others are recessed. If you try to use a pen designed for an exposed connector with a recessed version, it simply won’t fit.

Vape and Enjoy More Great Tips

After reading this article, you know how to find the best electronic cigarette chargers. With one in hand, your battery is ready for a vape break whenever you want.

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