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How to Make Stickers for WhatsApp within 5 Minutes

Creating stickers and sending these to your friend and family is now a major part of WhatsApp conversation. I am sure that you also use stickers for making your conversation cool. However, the only thing to know is how to make stickers for WhatsApp if you don’t know.

Well, the main point is that we just need to convert an image into a sticker. How it really works? Is it possible to create stickers for WhatsApp on WhatsApp directly?

Well, here is the answer to all of your questions. By reading the whole article, you will be able to create as many stickers as you want. Your imagination is the limit of sticker creation. So, let’s start our tutorial which is how to make stickers for WhatsApp.

How to Make Stickers for WhatsApp:

How to Make Stickers for WhatsApp within 5 Minutes

Well, the best method to create WhatsApp stickers by using WhatsApp is to create one on your pc by using the WhatsApp web or by downloading the WhatsApp application on your pc.

You can download the WhatsApp app on your pc and use WhatsApp on that app. If you don’t want to download WhatsApp, then you can also use WhatsApp online.

Simply, go to your android WhatsApp and select the linked devices option by clicking the three dots icon in the upper right corner just beside the search bar.

Here you will see an option of “link a device”. Click on the option, it will open up your camera and let you scan the QR code. On the other hand, search for WhatsApp web on your computer and open the official WhatsApp web.

Here the website will show a QR code, you just need to scan that QR code by using your android QR scanner. Now, you will be logged in to your computer.

If you already know how to use WhatsApp online on your pc then you can skip the upper procedure. Open any chat in your WhatsApp list and click the “+” icon near the typing bar.

Here you will see some options like add photo, add video, add a document, etc. Here you will also find an add sticker option.

Click on that option and select a picture from your device that you want to convert into the sticker. Here you can generate the sticker from a picture. If you don’t have that picture saved on your device then you can download the picture from the internet.

Now, you can edit the image directly with awesome WhatsApp features.   

After editing the image, send the sticker to any of your contacts. Now, here is a weird thing. You can only save the sticker after editing and sending it to one of your contacts. There is no other method to save the sticker on your device.

How to Make Stickers for WhatsApp Using Tool:

How to Make Stickers for WhatsApp within 5 Minutes

If you are wondering about How to Make Stickers for WhatsApp without using WhatsApp then here is another guide for you. There are a lot of apps and online tools for converting pictures into stickers. These apps also provide ready-made stickers which you can use.

If you want to generate your own sticker then you can use the Sticker Studio app for android. You can create as many stickers with this app as you want.

If you want to create online stickers you can visit WaSticker website which let you make WhatsApp stickers for free.

Hope you have understood how to make Stickers for WhatsApp by using apps and online tools and also by using WhatsApp directly.

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