Pros and Cons of User Management Solutions 

User management is the ability of the administrator to give access to its users across all IT solutions, like networks, applications, devices, and SaaS services. For any organization to run smoothly, it is essential for them to access and manage IT resources effectively. There are many user management solutions like TOOLS4EVER HelloID Software. Let us analyze the pros and cons of user management solutions.    

Pros of user management solutions  

Easy accessibility everywhere  

Nowadays, through the use of IDs by IT professionals, it is easy for them to access any of its sources through a single ID. This is to ensure that the customer does not enter the platform.  

Multi-factor security 

Multifactor security is an effective user management solution that allows enterprises to progress to two to three-factor authentication. Besides this, it also provides benefits like fingerprint scanning, iris scanning, et cetera.  

Tracking unauthorized activities 

Modern user management solutions have technologies like risk-based authentication, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to identify and then block any unauthorized activities.  

Eliminate the chances of weak passwords 

Through effective use of credential management, user management solutions can eliminate the risk of any person stealing weak passwords. They also ensure that users change their passwords frequently.  

Reduce the insider threats 

More cyber breaches inside the organization are caused by their members. User management solutions can limit the damage caused by malign insiders. They do it by ensuring that the user only has access to sources required by them or in which they work.  

Cons of under management solutions  

Improper management of data or network access  

One of the major disadvantages of user management solutions is the management of role-based access control (RBAC). It is a method used by the admins, to sum up, the multiple users into a single group depending on their need to access similar resources.  

Inadequate process automation 

Sometimes repetitive processes are not entirely automated. As a result, users neglect certain processes in a reasonable amount of time. For example, user offboarding where the lack of automation can lead to security threats for employees who, despite leaving the organization, have their authentication and access remains in place.  

Lack of regular management auditing- as businesses move to their new goals and targets, employees need to be regularly updated with the rules. This is the huge drawback of user management solutions. If regular audits aren’t performed on time, it can lead to unauthorized usage of user data.  

Expensive investment 

User management solutions are highly expensive. For this reason, many organizations switch to project management software. Apart from this initial cost, the running and maintenance costs also add to your hefty budget.  

Access control 

Since data sharing becomes easier by introducing such a system. You also need to avoid unauthorized viewing of project data.  

Summing up  

Summing up the entire article, there are always pros and cons in everything we use in our everyday life. However, it is our potential to use those user management solutions positively. Though, the weightage of its benefits is more. It’s always recommended to use the user management solutions effectively and only be used by an authorized and expert person.  

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