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As teaching and learning become more digital, the portable document format’s popularity grows. Instructors compile notes and share them with learners on the internet. Learners receive assignments from teachers, fill in the answers and share feedback with instructors. 

PDF files are an ideal format in the teaching-learning process, and a good PDF document editor is required. With the right editing software, learners can access and read instructional material, merge multiple PDF files and fill in forms on a file editor.

Instructors also need good edit PDF software to create forms, add comments to existing content and annotate documents to make their notes more appealing. There are many PDF editor options in the market today, but not all are ideal for students.

Read and find out the features students look for in an education PDF editor.

Popularity of PDF Editors in Education Now

Sharing of learning material from teachers to learners has shifted from the old system of paper documents to digital files. PDF is the most convenient format because it preserves the original format of a file and is easy to share. However, learning material needs updating frequently, and that’s where the editors come in. 

Portable file editing software is crucial in education, and its popularity has increased in the same measure as online learning. A teacher can create and save a document as a PDF for free before sharing it with learners. If the same document requires feedback from learners, they can download PDF editing software free from the internet and add their response in no time. 

The ability of PDF editors to preserve the format of documents, annotate files and create editable forms for class surveys and assignments has contributed to its popularity in education.

How to Choose Right PDF Editor

With many PDF editors in the market today, choosing one can be tricky. Basically, editing software is meant for creating and reading portable files, but there are features to check out when it comes to the teaching-learning process.

An ideal PDF editing software for teachers and students should be robust, allow for annotation and comments, and set no limit to the number of forms to edit in a day. Support from multiple devices is another feature to consider to enable learners to access the files from tablets and mobile devices in addition to PCs.

List of PDF Editors

We have a ton of file editors in the market, but not all are ideal for students. Here is a list of the best PDF editor for students and teachers. 


Learning is collaborative between teachers and learners, and the best way to store files for a wide audience is through the cloud. Lumin PDF is a digital document editor that stores data in the cloud. It is ideal in education because:

  • It allows for collaboration where teachers create files and tag students for swift access and feedback
  • Any changes you make on a file are auto-synced and saved to the cloud
  • Learners can fill tables and name diagrams using the annotation feature.
  • Its merge and split capability allows teachers to remove irrelevant information and combine successive files into one document.
  • Teachers can convert files to different formats such as PowerPoint slides, JPG, and word.
  • Instructors can create and share reference material on the internet, such as the special education acronyms PDF, which lists most of the acronyms used in education.

Nitro Pro

The personal version of NitroPro comes as the best PDF tool for students because of its speed and security features. The following makes it ideal in education.

  • An OCR feature that enables teachers to enrich their instructional material with scanned documents and images
  • Learners can fill out forms and append PDF signatures through the annotation feature.
  • Its password is enabled hence protecting files
  • It has a free trial version ideal for learners

Wondershare PDFelement

With this software, teachers and learners can view and edit PDF documents on computers, tablets, mobile devices, and the web. These features make it the best education PDF reader.

  • Its spellcheck enables learners to deliver error-free work.
  • Annotation and comment functionality enables teachers and learners to provide feedback after accessing files.
  • Learners can extract and fill forms on the web  for institutional records
  • Fosters all-time access to files because of support across devices.

Foxit Phantom PDF

Students and teachers can access files in different languages from any browser on Windows and Mac through Foxit. This Software is an ideal PDF annotator for students because:

  • Its picture editing tools are superfast and easy to use
  • Removing text and images from the files is easy with the document redaction feature. A redacted document is a learner’s progressive record or class list that must be updated annually.
  • Its OCR feature and electronic signature feature enhance file security
  • New students can access tutorials on the use of the editor.


This software is supported on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. This editor is ideal for teachers and students because:

  • It’s an online tool accessible from any device such as PCs, mobile devices, and tablets
  • It has a file convertor to change portable files to Word, Excel, and HTML
  • It’s free and protects files through encryption
  • An annotation feature allows teachers to add images, graphics, and watermarks, making the files more appealing to learners.

Adobe Acrobat PDF

Adobe Acrobat is the mother of portable file editors, but its continuous modification has maintained its popularity among users. With a handful of digital editing features, it is ideal for students, thanks to its free version.

  • Teachers can create and save emails as PDFs before sharing them with students through the design feature.
  • Simplifies teacher-learner interaction through comments and highlights on files
  • The premier version is ideal for the creation of short films and documentaries. 
  • Its collaboration feature helps students to work as a team without meeting physically.

Bottom Line

Portable file editing software is an integral part of the teaching-learning process. Before choosing a suitable editor for your schoolwork, scrutinize its key features and choose one that will protect your files and is accessible across devices.

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