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So Many Features of Contact Center Software So Helpful to E-Commerce Strategies

E-commerce is no longer a straightforward business given the intense competition in this area. However, this sector is still growing fast despite the Covid setback, and sales are expected to exceed $ 4.2 trillion. Given the right tools and strategy, there still is much scope for e-Commerce growth. In this context, the omnichannel contact center software can prove to be invaluable in implementation of right strategies.

Reviews are important conversion tools

It is customary for e-Commerce sites to let people give feedback and reviews on product pages because 84% of people trust online reviews and 88% buy based on reviews. Even better, you could use social media for reviews, testimonials, and suggestions by incorporating omnichannel contact center software in your toolkit. Facebook and Twitter are the thrust areas where you invite people to express their opinion and this can have a cascading, ripple effect on people who view such posts. Social media integration in contact center software makes marketing easy.

Social media marketing

Suppose you use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for marketing and selling. You would have to keep track of parallel channels whereas these channels are unified in a common dashboard in the contact center solution enabling effortless two-way communication through these channels as well as easily hopping over to the phone, email, and chat. Your salespeople can do much more and should you receive an inquiry it can go to the right person through the automatic call distribution feature of the software. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp, and Twitter let you do a lot such as using videos and sell as well as conducting quizzes and competitions. Integrate them all into one channel as is done in the omnichannel contact center software and your work becomes easy as well as rewarding with higher conversions.

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Retention better than new acquisition

Up-selling, cross-selling, and rewards are part of the e-commerce scenario. As costs of acquiring new customers sky-rocket, it is better to focus on retaining existing customers through focused engagement and targeting them with campaigns that keep you alive in their consciousness. Here again features of contact center software such as auto-dialers make it easy to launch sustained campaigns for existing customers. You could use preview dialers or progressive dialers to achieve consistent throughputs and actually talk with customers first-hand to know their views rather than simply to sell.

Another inexpensive way is to use IVR with the auto dialer to send out texts that include a response number. Yet another way is to send out SMS or voicemail broadcasts to announce deals and special offers for existing customers followed up by emails. 90% of text messages are read within minutes. Should there be a response than the skill-based mapping routes the incoming calls to the right person who can give desired information or take action as needed, especially necessary when you are handling complaints? You could go a step further and even use WebRTC features to engage in video chat and give a product demo or guide a user on how to set up the equipment or anything else.

People still buy using the phone

There are channels on TV where presenters give a demo and invite viewers to dial a number to place an order and promise cash on delivery. There is no reason to not transplant it into e-commerce and using your inbound call as a tool to let callers place orders and receive confirmation. 84% of US households will own a connected TV by 2024 and are likely to browse the web on large screens through screencasts from their mobile. It should not be all too difficult to incorporate voice ordering directly with an agent or through the IVR equipped with an AI-powered intelligent and interactive chatbot plus payment gateway integration. No customer would like it to be told when they phone to place an order that they must visit the product page and follow the process. Make it easier for them to do it on the spot using contact center software’s CRM integration and intelligent chat-bot/human interaction. And, your human resources need not be centralized. The call center software’s remote agent feature can let remote-based agents access CRM, receive and make calls and handle all other channels of communication. Call bridging connects employees to customers and the other way around as well as permitting team interaction. Just for official purposes, the software records all such calls so you have a record.

Contact center software features allow you to do plenty such as designing a ticketing system to handle calls, DNC control and configurable scripts plus automatic missed call and call transfers. Gather data and refine e-commerce strategies using the contact center software’s intelligent analytics and report function. It could be your swiss-army knife to put you in a cut above the others.

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