How to launch an e-hailing app in your locality?

Welcome! As of the current trend, we rely on the internet to avail most of the services. If you are a ride-hailing services provider or aiming to start one, this blog is all ears. Here, we will discuss the need to mark the online presence of the taxi services business and the effective ways to market it among potential customers. Come along!

Why are e-hailing services claiming popularity?

E-hailing services have become the most popular taxi service as passengers can book taxis at any time and from anywhere. Other than ride-hailing services, ride-sharing services are appealing to passengers as they are cost-effective. Other than the flexibility vested in the on-demand ride-hailing services, they have also proven to be affordable than traditional taxi services. Agree?

Have you ever analyzed the success behind Uber’s ride-hailing services? Some of the crucial reasons for the success of Uber include a flexible business model, cheap rides, on-time, and not to leave the various features of the app. On the whole, it is important to focus on the business strategy equally and also app development.

Let us see some of the imperative features of a ride-hailing app that you can consider adding to your app.

GPS And Real-Time Tracking

Two of the appreciable features of on-demand taxi apps are GPS and live tracking. These two features are beneficial for both drivers and passengers. Let us see the advantages of these features from the perspectives of drivers and passengers.

For drivers, they can easily identify the location of the passenger without any hardships. Whereas for passengers, they can locate the taxis, thereby keep track of their movements.

GPS in your taxi app will help users in choosing the feasible routes to reach the passenger’s location. Once the location details are fed, the GPS-enabled route optimizer will collect all the possible routes and shortlists the one that is free from traffic and is also the shortest route.

If you are about to launch a ride-hailing app, it is imperative to develop GPS and real-time tracking features with utmost importance.

Payment integration

Gone are the days when passengers were not aware of digital transactions. Nowadays, even small vendors are accepting payments via digital modes. While this being the case, it is essential to integrate payment gateways into your app so that passengers can pay the ride charges without any hassles.

Also, integrating the in-app wallet is beneficial for passengers as the ride amount will be deducted directly from their account. Simple yet secure!

Ride history

It is important to include the ride history feature that lets passengers keep track of their previous rides. The list of details that can be absorbed from the history section includes the number of rides, fare for each ride, name of the drivers, source and destination addresses.

Push notifications

Push notifications are an integral part of taxi booking apps. Everything regarding booking, payments, and even promotional messages can be sent to them via push notifications. With push notifications in place, passengers don’t have to dig the app into fetching the details.


To measure the growth of your business, you must definitely need the analytics tool. The analytics will capture every happening of the app and submits a consolidated report. Insights you can take from the analytics report include the number of rides, areas that demand taxi services, and passenger’s preferences. On the whole, analytics will help you in improving your services.

Tips To Gain Eminence For Your Ride-Hailing Services

Online Promotion

Promoting a business or service has become effortless in contemporary times as one can make the most out of social media. You can promote your ride-hailing services in various social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Other than social media ads, you can also consider Google Adwords. Running Google Ads needs expertise. As a budding entrepreneur, you initially start promoting your services through social media and then gradually switch to other marketing strategies.

Referral rewards

One of the best-proven ways to market your services is by encouraging your users to bring in new users. This can be achieved by framing a referral amount so that whenever the current user invites a new user, the current should be rewarded. Also, users must be able to claim their reward points while availing of your services in the future.


Would you want to promote your app with less effort? If yes, then here is the key to achieving it. Design your app in such a way that it is simple to use. Yes, simplicity is the best way to gain the attention of your users. Uber is well-known for its simplicity that lets users book taxis and views other details with the utmost ease.

Taxi wrap advertising

We all would have come across billboard advertisements. In the modern era, taxi wrap advertising is becoming popular. In taxi wrap advertising, you will crave the exterior of the taxi with prints that promote your services. Since taxis are mobile, they will easily catch the attention of people, thereby letting them head towards your service.

The next important step is to know the cost of taxi app development. Let us see the various metrics that impact the cost of development.

  • Back-end development
  • Front-end development
  • Quality assurance
  • Android and iOS app development

These are the factors in case you develop the app from the primary stage. Whereas, in the case of clone app development, you can cut off both the time and investment involved. In the clone app development, you will be given a ready-made script, and you can tailor it as per your business needs. If budget and timing are your biggest concerns, then you can choose clone development.


Since we were discussing the clone app development, let me suggest you the Uber clone, a taxi booking app that is gaining all the spotlight. The demand for on-demand ride-hailing services is spiking, and there is no better time than now to proliferate your business in ride-hailing services. Break a leg!

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