8 Applications That Can Help You Learn a Variety of Languages

Learning a new language can be challenging, but with the aid of some apps, it can be made much simpler. There are several applications available to assist you in learning a number of languages. Many people believe that taking lessons or employing conventional techniques like flashcards and workbooks are the only ways to learn a new language. There is now a plethora of fun and simple methods to learn new languages with your smartphone. We’ll go through a few apps that can help you learn a range of languages in this blog article. These applications can help you get started learning a new language, whether it’s for a job or travel. Check out these applications if you’re ready to get started learning.

  1. Duolingo

How can we overlook this one while discussing language learning applications? Duolingo is a fantastic application that may assist you in learning the majority of European languages as well as a few Asian languages. The nicest thing about this software is that it is absolutely free to use and has a very user-friendly layout. It also contains a gamified learning system that makes it extremely addicting and enjoyable to use. You may also compete on the scoreboard with your friends and get rewarded for performing well in the classes.

  1. Busuu
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Busuu is another excellent language learning software, with courses available in 12 different languages. Beginners and expert learners alike may benefit from this application, which includes a range of tasks for learning grammar, vocabulary, and conversation skills. It’s also free to use, while certain premium features are available. Busuu is also a terrific alternative if you’re seeking a community of language learners to connect with. It also provides a certification system that might assist you to show companies that you know how to communicate in a foreign language. Furthermore, makes it simple to obtain this fantastic program.

  1. Mondly

Mondly is another excellent choice for individuals interested in learning a new language. It comprises 33 language courses and several unique features, such as the chance to rehearse dialogue with imaginary elements. The Mondly app is also quite reasonable, with monthly subscriptions beginning at $11. It allows users to learn in a variety of ways, including reading, writing, listening and speaking. This software has the added benefit of being able to be used offline, allowing you to continue studying even if you are not connected to the internet.

  1. Rosetta Stone

For good reason, Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular language study apps. It features a large language selection, with 24 to pick from. Interactive lessons with visuals and sounds are included in the app to help you learn fast and efficiently. Rosetta Stone also enables consumers to interact with other students to increase motivation. A one-year membership costs $179, however, there is a free trial available so you may try out the application before committing to a purchase. Rosetta Stone is also available for Android and iOS smartphones.

  1. Babbel

With a monthly membership price of $12.95 USD, Babbel is one of the most economical language learning apps. It comes in 14 different languages and focuses on speaking and conversational abilities. To help you get the most out of your learning experience, the app also contains cultural notes and advice. Babbel is a language learning app for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10. It also provides a free trial, similar to Rosetta Stone, before you commit to a purchase.

  1. MosaLingua

MosaLingua is another budget-friendly alternative, with rates ranging from $0-$48 USD depending on the bundle. It focuses on teaching useful terminology that may be applied in real-life circumstances. Grammar explanations and conjugation drills are also included in the application. MosaLingua also provides the option of connecting with native speakers through Skype for a more immersive experience. Furthermore, the application has a 10,000-word audio library to aid pronunciation.

  1. Tandem
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Tandem is a language-learning tool that lets you locate language-learning partners eager to swap lessons. You may look for individuals who speak both the language you wish to learn and the language you already know, and then chat with them or video calls them to begin your session. This system also offers a built-in translation feature, allowing you to interact with your spouse with ease. It also allows you to connect with native speakers for a more immersive experience.

  1. HelloTalk

HelloTalk is a social networking software that connects you with other language learners so you can converse and share suggestions. There are over 100 languages available in the application, so you’ll be able to select one that best matches your needs. It also has translation capabilities, as well as voice recognition (to aid with pronunciation) and text correction facilities. For further support, you may join groups based on common interests or add friends from all around the world. The software is also completely free to download and use.


To conclude, the applications described above are excellent resources for learning foreign languages. They’re entertaining, simple to use, and extremely adaptable. Check out some of the applications discussed in this blog article if you’re seeking a fresh approach to study a language or enhance your abilities.

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