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StayTouch Concept

An excellent first impression is a key to winning any business showdown, and StayTouch is here to help by ensuring yours goes as impeccably as possible. This multi-purpose app arms users with digital business cards that make you look professional and ahead of the times, and, more importantly, it facilitates effortless contact exchange by a single tap. Get rid of that old piece of paper you carry around and do it better with StayTouch! Look good, trustworthy, and dependable with the holistic StayTouch!

App Features

StayTouch is available for free download on Google PlayStore. iOS users can also find the app on their app store for no charge at all. Here’s what to expect from this professionally astute application: 

  • Digital business cards to take over from physical versions. The best part is that you don’t have to create new ones from scratch as you can upload physical cards using the card scanner.
  • You can make personal reference notes. Don’t mistake one client for another by taking notes beside new numbers so you can know exactly who it is and where you meet them, among other details that can encourage a deal.  
  • Transfer and exchange contacts by the mere swipe of a button. No more rummaging through your pockets for a pen or misplaced business card. 
  • Synchronization of contact detail changes. Like a ripple on a pond, every update you make to your contact information resonates across your circles without having to inform each person individually. 
  • Create multiple profiles for different scenarios. When you need a profile painting you in one particular direction, you can select an appropriate fit from your profile library. 
  • You can also schedule events on your business calendar, and send out invites on the platform.
  • StayTouch also includes a personal organizer for business meetings, and reminder settings, among other organization duties usually cushioned by a secretary. 

StayTouch working

The home page of ST features a bottom bar with five buttons. Use “Profile” to create the business or personal profiles you want, “Contact” to add new contacts, ”Meetings” to set dates for meetings, “Chat” with your networks and the middle “ST” tab to make connections, share profiles, and take notes. 

How the app stands out

From voice memos and event creation to personal organization and business cards, StayTouch is the virtual substitute for a workplace secretary. You can set meetings, schedule reminders for important days, exchange contacts by merely bringing two phones together, and take care of any other workplace need you may have. 

StayTouch offers a multitude of business solutions!

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