What is Computer Monitoring & How to Spy Employees with TOS Computer Monitoring Software

Do you know what your employees do on their computer systems during the duty hours? There is computer monitoring software that enables employers to closely watch out activities performed on company-owned digital devices. Using the high-tech computer tracking software of TheOneSpy, the business owners and managers can supervise the digital behavior of their workers. It helps to boost the efficiency of employees by keeping them restricted from unproductive acts. Read on to know how this software helps to monitor company-owned computer devices.

What is Computer Monitoring?

In this digital age, we cannot imagine a workplace without the provision of personal computers. Most of the working in offices take place on desktop and laptop computers. The internet-enabled computer devices streamline business operations and increase employee efficiency. However, the unproductive use of these computers can cause huge productivity and financial loss to the business organization. This is because it is important to monitor company-owned digital devices to discourage unproductive activities. There is software that enables employers to keep a check on the digital activities of employees by monitoring computer devices remotely. Read on to know about the best tracking software for Windows and Mac computers. 

TheOneSpy Computer Tracking Software

The computer monitoring software of TheOneSpy is particularly designed for employers to keep an eye on the digital activities of their employees. The software is compatible with a wide range of personal computers including Samsung, HP, Acer, LG, Sony, and Dell. It also supports Apple’s MacBook running multiple versions of the Mac operating system. Given are the main features of the software that enable employers to secretly spy on their employees.

Monitor Internet Usage

Internet is a powerful technology that helps businesses to flourish. By using the internet, businesses can communicate their message to the worldwide target audience. It increases their sales, income, and profit. There are innumerable perks that the internet delivers to business organizations. However, internet abuse by employees can cause huge productivity loss to the company. Many workers misuse the company internet for personal or entertaining purposes. It puts a negative influence on their motivation to work.

The computer monitoring software enables employers to restrict their employees from misusing the internet. They can keep an eye on the internet usage of employees by tracking their computers. The computer monitoring software provides access to the internet browsing history of computers used by employees. It includes browsing history and bookmarks of the most commonly used internet browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.  

Website Blocking

If you find your employees visiting unproductive websites, you can block their access to those websites. The computer surveillance program allows blocking websites right from the online control panel of TOS. The software allows blocking access to websites through URLs, keywords, key-phrases, and categories. By blocking websites of online shopping, movies, music, and social media, you can boost up the motivation of your employees and help them to be more concentrated.   

Live Screen Recording/Screenshots

Do you want to know what your employee is doing on his computer at the moment? The computer tracker software lets you watch and capture real-time digital activities of your employees without them knowing. With the features of live screen recording on android and screenshots, the spy software enables employers to capture whatever appears on the computer screen of suspicious employees.

Keep an Eye on Surroundings

As well as monitoring computer activities, the surveillance software also allows tracking actions performed in the vicinity of the company-owned digital devices. By using the software, the employer can turn on the camera and microphone of the computing devices used by employees. It lets them watch and capture the actions performed by employees. Also, it allows listening to chitchats made by workers during the working hours. Surround monitoring enables employers to prevent workplace harassment, gossips, and malicious plans.

Track Traveling Workers

What if you could supervise traveling workers? The computer tracker software allows watching out activities performed by remote employees. The traveling marketing and sales staff can be monitored to prevent them from unproductive and personal tours. The software tracks the location of the digital devices carried by traveling staff and informs employers about their entrance and departure from specific locations.     

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