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Many Android phones and tablet users are looking for best Android phone cleaner and booster app. Out of hundreds of cleaning tools, NOX cleaner is the most effective phone cleaner. NOX one of the best and recommended app like Clean Master.

Why we need such cleaning app on older phones. Because many of us install new apps, tools and games from play store or web. Most of the time we forgot to clean those apps. You may have received several system, apps and other updates over time. Those things may cause your phone to slow down and to lose storage space.

When apps or system updates are done, there may be residue files or files from previous versions. Those files cannot be manually cleaned. Because we don’t know exactly which files need to be deleted. In that case we can use NOX cleaner app. By removing those residue files help you to get more storage space without removing or deleting existing apps and images.

There are lots of other ways that residue and junk files get collected on your phone. Most of the messaging apps like Viber, Whatsapp and Imo cause this problem. There are lots of open group chats available on those free messaging apps. People share images, Videos and files through those messaging apps. Those unwanted files may collect on your phone too.

Just like above scenario, there are lots of ways that junk files get collected. Therefor easiest and efficient way to get more storage is by using effective cleaning apk like NOX Cleaner APK. Many Android TV devices also face the same problem. Filelinked has many free Android TV cleaning tools.

This tool helps you to gain performance gain. Since Android devices are getting slower over time, it is not the best solution to buy new one. However, you can gain some of the lost performance back using some small tricks. Nox Cleaner can detect background apps and tasks that does not want at all. Those tasks may from apps and games that you are not using.

Specially games are run background to push notifications and provide real time update that you won’t needed. Blocking and removing unnecessary background tasks will reduce CPU workload. Not only CPU workload, it also releases amount of RAM space used for those tasks. Reducing the load on CPU and RAM will allow you to run your desired apps and games at higher performance than before.

This app has inbuilt game booster. Game booster feature can free more CPU and RAM space to play games you like without lagging, hang-up and slowdowns. Use this free Game Booster feature to play Free Fire, PUBG or others and enjoy max speed with lag-free. For awesome Android apps and games visit

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