Simple CRM Software For business And Life Coaches

If you are an entrepreneur who struggles to manage their business or keep things running smoothly. I suggest you take a step forward and find out what tools and softwares you can employ that would help make things a whole lot easier for you. As a startup entrepreneur or life coach, you are going to be handling, not one, but numerous contacts. Some of them physically while some are online. What other effective ways can you gather up information, send reminders and still sell your products? Even if you have team members, chances are they would also get stressed out by the amount of work. This is why you need a customer relationship management software. In this article we would spill the beans on some of the simple best CRM for coaching business free you can have at your disposal.

Why Should Businesses Use A CRM Software 

As a coach, you may need to schedule some consultation and services while also personalizing each notification to suit your customers’ needs. To perform adequate administrative duties you would need a software or platform that helps you manage these aspects of your career easily. 

  • A good CRM software helps you set up an email template and reminders for clients.
  • The best CRM for coaching business Software also helps you get contacts by telling them to input their details via an online contact form. 
  • You can also automate invoice generation as soon as your clients pay for a certain product. You can also directly mail if to them with the help of this tool

3 Simple CRM software For Businesses And Life Coaches 

1.  HubSpot 

This is one of the best and most popular tools for businesses. It has multiple functionalities and features that would aid you in managing most aspects of your business, including sales and marketing through emails and aesthetically-pleasing landing pages. Hubspot software has a completely free and also a paid plan. The free plan has a good number of features to help startup Coaches, while the paid plan has an infinite amount of features to successfully run a big business or company. It is user friendly with a robust array of marketing tools

2. Bitrix24

It is a management tool mostly used for marketing, support and automation. It can be connected to the cloud and has easy collaboration features where you and your employees can work on several projects together. It is an analytical coaching CRMs which means that it can generate reports and give you insights on your business and how it is going. It is a free software with features such as project management, sales, organisation of marketing campaigns and online collaboration with team members. 

3. PipeDrive

It is an easy to use tool that is mostly focused on sales. It is a friendly software and helps to lessen the workload. It is mostly used for communication, sales, automation  and analytical reporting. It is one of the biggest analytical softwares that gives you insight on your data and also creates goals for yourself or your employees. This is also a secure platform and comes with a one month trial plan upon payment of monthly or yearly subscriptions.


You shouldn’t wait to have a truck load of clients before you make plans to start using the CRM for business coaches. All these should have been done at the initial stage. For a business to move forward and become successful it has to be a convenient space for your client. Having the right tools would make you and your client feel more secure and productive. That way your chances of growth would be guaranteed.

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