Parental control apps enable parents to supervise and manage the digital behavior of their teens and tweens. While there are scores of parental control and child monitoring apps, it can be challenging for parents to pick up the most reliable and efficient app to keep their kids under surveillance. We have reviewed the most popular parental control applications and come up with the best parental control app of the year. OgyMogy can be considered as the best parental control app for monitoring kids’ cell phone activities. In this article, we have elaborated how this cell phone tracking and parental control app enables parents to ensure the security of their kids in the online and offline world.

OgyMogy – Most Powerful Parental Control App

OgyMogy is a cell phone monitoring and parental control app that enables parents to keep tabs on the online and offline activities of their children. The app offers a wide range of powerful features enabling the end-user to remotely monitor and manage smartphone devices of their kids. Parents can take support of the parental control app to protect their teens from online and offline dangers. 

The application lets you monitor Android phones, non-jailbreak iOS mobile phones, Windows computers, and Mac computers. Once you install the parental control app on the targeted mobile phone and computer device, you can monitor and control that device via the web portal of the tracker app. The powerful tracking app lets you access data stored on your kids’ devices including their chats, photos, videos, internet history, and more relevant stuff.

Core Features of Parental Control App

The parental control app offers hundreds of features letting parents monitor and control the cell phone devices of their kids. We have rounded up here core features of the tracking software to let you understand how this app facilitates child monitoring. 

Track Messages

Parents can read out messages received and sent by their children via mobile phones installed with parental control app. The tracker app syncs all incoming and outgoing text messages, instant messages, and multimedia messages. These messages get uploaded to the online portal of the parental control app.   

Call Recording

You can listen to the phone calls of your teens and tweens without accessing their phones. The parental control app records all incoming and outgoing phone calls and uploads them to the online portal. The app also syncs and uploads call logs to provide detail of callers and recipients. 

Screen Recording

Whatever appears on the mobile phone and computer screen of your kids can be captured with a screen recording feature of the parental control app. You can send a command to the targeted device to start screen recording in real-time or at a scheduled time.  

Take Over Camera

The powerful cell phone parental control app lets you take over the camera of your kids’ phones. You can remotely operate front and back cameras to take photos and make videos of the surroundings. This feature lets you protect your children from bullying and potential dangers in the real world.

Take Over MIC

Similar to cameras, the microphone of your kid’s phone can be controlled via the online control panel of the OgyMogy app. It lets you listen and record the surrounding sounds and voices for as long as you want.

Track Contacts

Do you know who your kids are in contact with? The parental control app lets you access the contact list of your kids so you can find out unsafe contacts. The app also lets you manage the contact list by adding new contacts and deleting unwanted contacts from the Phonebook without physical access.

Track Photos & Videos

The parental control app lets you see photos and videos stored on your kids’ phones. It also allows retrieving deleted media files right from the online control panel. 

Monitor Internet Usage

The cell phone monitoring app lets you supervise the internet usage of your kids. It provides access to the internet browsing history of their mobile phones and computers.  

Monitor Social Media Usage

With the use of a cell phone monitoring app, you can supervise the usage of social media apps including Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Tinder, and Kik among others. The parental control app lets you track chats, posts, friend-lists, and followers-lists of your kids. Also, it allows capturing activities performed on these social messengers in the form of short videos. 

Compatibility & Pricing 

The parental control app is compatible with mobile phones and computer devices running Android and iOS. The computer monitoring solution of OgyMogy is compatible with desktop and laptop computers running Windows and Mac OS. 

The price of the android monitoring app costs around $30. The parental control and monitoring solution for non-jailbreak iOS mobile phones costs around $50. The Mac monitoring software and Windows monitoring software is priced at $50.   

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