Your Key To Understanding Amateur And Professional Boxing Gloves

They aren’t lying when they say that boxing is not just a workout routine, it could be a life-changing experience. Especially, with all the physical and mental benefits it has for you. A toned body, stress control, endurance are just a few. Imagine the long term good it could do by improving your reflexes and coordination between hands, feet, and eyes, all in sync with a well-planned scheme in your brain.

But did you ever think how to get there, to that level of being trained on this sport where you are enjoying its benefits in full? What is it that would take you levels up and possibly carve your name in the same arena where some of the most renowned world champions sit today? Better hold your horses here before you delve deep in your day-dreams of glory.

Are you new to this aggressive combat sport or do your competitors fear your wrath in the ring? Are you training for fitness or is boxing your passion? Do you mean to fight that heavy bag in the club or is your target to knock down your opponent with those punches and hooks and crosses?

Don’t these questions alone already make you feel like a boxer getting ready for a fight? Yes, yes we can see that zeal in you. So if you have just begun, you’ve got to know this sport well.

What do I need to know?

Let’s start with the basics. What’s the first thing on your mind when you read me talking about boxing? Ah, the gloves. Indeed. Did you know that they would make you choose between boxing gloves for the amateurs and those for the professional?  Of course, because both of them are so different from each other.

So what gloves must you pick?

It is a lot less a matter of your choice than it is of the following factors

  • Your stage in boxing training; hence the safety requirements
  • The objective or goal of boxing; beginner’s competition /workout VS the real, professional combat
  • Your age, body weight, and maturity as a boxer; a professional, more thoroughly trained and experienced boxer is likely to have access to the more fierce types

Ground Facts

Here’s a deep dive into how both types of gloves vary from each other. The contrast is real and so is the usage and impact.

By objective & impact

No knowledge is bad knowledge really. But if it is especially about the sport which is or it becoming your passion point, take in all you can.

Contrary to the professional boxing gloves which are meant specifically to land your opponent a knockdown blow, the amateur range is used either for training at the club or beginners’ (as amateur as it may sound) fighting competitions. In fact, you would probably not even be allowed rounds of sparring at the club with those larger, amateur boxing gloves. Don’t be amazed, that is how both types of fights have been designed; the amateur, for scoring through striking the designated spots on the opponent. Pro fights, to win even more money through aggressive knockdowns for marking the opponent.

By size & weight

Remember all the talk about the ounces of padding inside the boxing gloves? Well, that is one key point that differentiates amateur boxing gloves from the ones that are meant for the professionals.  The amount of padding in such gloves in always more than the ones meant for professional fights, the simplest reason being the objective of the competition.

The amateur gloves are usually no less than 10 – 12oz so as to manage the impact on the opponent as well as the absorption of a shock to your own hand and hence protection against hand damage in the long run. The professional bouts are fought with pro fighting gloves of no more than 8oz.

Grab some more detail about the ounce sizes here (PLACE BLOG LINK)

By Fighter safety rules

Did you ever think that a sport like boxing, the fierce combat activity also has associations regulating it? Indeed, this is true. So much so that even the same referees and judges are usually not engaged for professional boxing championships and amateur competitions.  If you ask us really, the amateur game is more about the following boxing passionately, but as a sport; not against payment to compete– Professional boxing, mates, is also a means of earnings, a career choice, the real combat.

Apart from the amount of padding in the knuckle area, the structure of the amateur gloves varies significantly too. The thumb is not kept independent of the glove’s main body, only to minimize the possibility of eye injury during the fight.

The Velcro fastening is also an essential feature to allow the referee to check on the inner bandaging before the fight begins giving the boxer a quick chance to glove up. And did you notice that white stripe on the only two color options of these gloves usually available in stores, yeah, that is where you can strike to score? The pro-type, on the other hand, are the lace-up boxing gloves to give one more control over the hand and greater power in the blow.

Here’s a bonus bit of information: To keep a check on the chances of injury, the rounds are kept rather small. The bouts in a professional match could last from 4 -12, three minutes.  The referees would generally intervene mid-way in case of too much bleeding or cuts on any of the opponents, a pro fighting feat doesn’t see and end until the losing team is no longer able to continue. Get an idea about the ferocity? Gory, gory; we tell you.

By Price

Whether it is the love for the sport or career made out of your passion, pricing means little when it comes to boxing. In fact, in either case, ask yourself these questions before even thinking about how much you should be spending on the gloves, which should come as the very last thought in your head

  • How do I want to achieve from the fight?
  • What rules govern the type of fight/competition I am eligible for
  • What is the right size for me?
  • Which brand to go by?

Trust us, when it comes to your boxing gear, brands do matter. You would hardly come across professional boxing fighters using a lower-tier brand; they’d rather spend a fortune, $200 to $500 on a pair of gloves than losing the bout. Although much less costly options are also available by some brands, it is likely you would come across their usage by the aspiring pro fighters in training only.

A set of amateur boxing gloves could easily cost you between $20 & $100, research, and choose wisely, although it is recommended to not spend too much if you are only a beginner. Use up that available budget as you grow in the game.

Talking about quality brands, here one you can trust blindly. You can check out the variety of your choice at Infinitude Fight and pick one of your choices. The added advantage, those pro-lace-up gloves, could be custom made to your choice of colors, logos, flags and much more; to be delivered at a super-sonic speed for such value addition.

All geared up for your next flight? Tell us more about it, are you already competing in the ring? Ever knocked ‘em down like a pro? Talk to us and let us know some techniques for a winning fight.

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