5 Resume Mistakes That Can Cost You A Job 2020

A resume is your nonverbal Self-Introduction in Interview. You could have all the abilities experience to make you the best applicant for a job; however, if you’ve made messy errors on your resume, or not set aside the effort to compose it such that will get you saw, it could cost you the job. 

Enrollment specialists, for the most part, decide about a candidate within 60 seconds of looking at their resume, so it could be something as minute as a spelling mistake that gets your application disposed of. 

So what makes out a resume error-free and attractive? What are the most well-known errors that job seekers make? 

This post has got these errors covered to avoid them in the future to write the perfect Resume Objective.

Resume Statistics: 

  • Recruiters spend a normal of 3.14 minutes reading an applicant’s resume, and they have commonly decided within the first two minutes. 
  • 1 in 5 hiring managers will really dismiss a competitor before they’ve even ended up reading their resume. 
  • 5% of candidates are dishonest while depicting their past jobs or the time they spent in the post. 
  • 10% of candidates have gone after at least 50 positions without hearing back. 

What Are The Top Reasons That The Hiring Manager Rejects A Resume? 

  • 59% of interviewers will dismiss an applicant because of a spelling mistake or poor grammar. Even though these mistakes appear to be small, they show that the applicant is sloppy and hasn’t set aside the effort to proofread their resume. 
  • Over half of the selection representatives will reject an applicant if their resume is full of cliches. You have to separate yourself from the crowd, as cliches are exhausting. 
  • Over 40% are additionally put off by an excessive design, for example, designer borders, wrong text styles, and fonts, clipart pictures, or even an emoji!

5 Resume Mistakes That Can Cost You A Job

So before you upload or email your resume to apply for your dream position, ensure you carefully proofread it. Here are five things you have to keep an eye out for as you scan your resume for mistakes: 

  1. Not carefully proofreading your resume 

It probably won’t appear to be a serious deal. However, grammar and typos mistakes can result in eliminating you from the running. 

It depicts that you are not detailed, oriented, and sloppy. Professionals also say that applicants must keep an eye on the verb tenses. You should be reliable. In case you’re utilizing past tense to describe your past positions, don’t out of nowhere change to present tense in another point.

  1. Giving Too Much Information

Make sure not to include the date of birth, gender, nationality, and marital status in your resume. If you do incorporate this information, it can leave the bars open for gender discrimination.

Any critical or relevant information that is ensured under the Human Rights Code shouldn’t be incorporated in your resume. While the shielded grounds may vary from region to region, the primary ones typically covered are race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, and marital status.

  1. Mentioning Employment dates without months 

Need a trick to assist you in getting noticed quickly? Make things simple on the selection representative. 

If a resume just has the years of the employments listed, professionals don’t have the idea to what extent they held this position. It could have been three months or a year, which is an altogether different time period.

To abstain from irritating the recruiter, experts propose including the months of job in your work history. You can likewise make it one step further by including to what extent you worked there. 

  1. Listing Job Duties In Your Resume

In case you’re merely giving a laundry list of duties and responsibilities, interviewers are doubtlessly zoning out on your resume. It’s significantly more enticing to provide examples of achievements instead. 

You need to escape from writing your resume as if it’s a job description; it’s definitely not. Achievements inside the job progressively inspire te recruiters more. Did you save the organization money by working hard? Did you make the processes more efficient?? Did you surpass sales target focus by a specific rate? These are the sorts of things that your work experience ought to feature for selection representatives.

  1. Making your resume excessively long 

We should put it simply: No interviewer is going to read a four-page long resume. So, how would you keep things compact? Start by dodging repetition in various segments, restricting work history to the most relevant or latest, and just writing proper training. Try to write the Resume Headline for example, it will make your resume brief and understanding.

Beginning with a profile summary is incredible, too, because it gives the hiring manager a fast snapshot of your core abilities and accomplishments. The recruiters can rapidly choose if you could be a potential contender for the job. 

Additional Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Dense text blocks or too many bullet points

Utilizing dense text blocks or an excessive number of bullet points in your resume is a surefire approach to overwhelm a selection representative. Instead, use a blend of short paragraphs to portray your role and bullet points to highlight your relevant educational qualifications, certifications, contributions, and achievements.

  1. Neglecting to tailor your resume 

Indeed, it’s more work; however, when you tailor your resume to the job description, you increment the chances in support of you. A resume needs to have a reason. It should explain to the enrollment specialist why you are a solid match for the position and what skills you can bring to the team if selected for the post.


Let the study results represent themselves. Avoid these top resume mistakes to surpass your competition. Doing so will mainly support selection representatives in observing what matters the most.

When you’ve read these steps not once, however, multiple times, let a couple of others read your resume as the final check. 

Then submit it on a positive note!

All the best!!!

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