The Undeniable Benefits That Are Associated With Moving To Memphis

Did you know many Americans have moved since the pandemic began? If you’re thinking about moving to Memphis and aren’t sure, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over why you might want to consider living in Memphis.

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You’ll Enjoy a Lower Cost of Living

A lot of people move to Memphis because it’s a cheaper option. Education, recreation, groceries, and even utilities are a lot cheaper.

Most things are below the national average. Also, Tennessee doesn’t have a state income tax, so you can keep most of your earnings.

What About the Weather?

Different from most cities, Memphis will give you the experience of the four different seasons. In the summer, expect hot temperatures, while winter is chilly but fairly short.

Spring is mild and warm, and in May, things brighten up.

Are You a Music Lover?

Memphis is the origin of Rock and Roll and Blues music. It’s an excellent destination for people who love music. In every part of the city, you will get to see a music club that plays live music.

If you love music, definitely consider Memphis. You’ll get to hear live music and learn more about the history at local museums.

B.B. King, Elvis Presley, Justin Timberlake, and Three 6 Mafia are some of the musicians from Memphis.

You’ll get to learn about Memphis’ music scene but also hear new contemporary singers. A lot of musicians move to Memphis.

Pursue New Business Opportunities

Memphis is a city where a lot of people go to pursue their startup dream.

There are resources available for new business owners, and it’s affordable to own an office there. A lot of people go to Memphis for these different reasons.

What About the Arts Scene?

Another benefit of moving to Memphis is getting to check out the art scene. Memphis has a diverse arts institution.

Enjoy dance performances from Ballet Memphis. Hattiloo Theatre is the only Black repertory theatre in five nearby states.

American Civil Rights Movement History

You can visit the National Civil Rights Museum, located at the former Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.

You can go back in time through five centuries of American history. There are 17 exhibits and interactive media displays.

Rent Costs Aren’t Super Expensive

Another perk of living in Memphis is that the rent situation isn’t over-the-top. You could find a studio for around 700 dollars or a one-bedroom home for about 800 dollars.

Some people will look to buy a medium-sized house for 125,000 dollars, which is a lot lower than the national average.

Real estate investors have started investing in Memphis. Learn more about why real estate investors love Memphis.

You’ll Love the Different Festivals

There are food and music festivals galore in Memphis. Enjoy the festivals year-round. The fun thing about Memphis is that it’s always in a festive mood. Enjoy the World Championship Barbeque Cooking Contest.

For Elvis fans, don’t miss Elvis Week. There’s a Memphis Chick and Beer Festival. Do you love hot food? Check out the World Championship Hot Wing Contest and Festival.

People Are Kind

A lot of newcomers will notice that Memphians are friendly. You will enjoy genuine hospitality when you move to Memphis. They rank sixth on Airbnb’s most hospital cities in America.

What About Transit and Traffic?

Most Memphians will use their vehicles to get around. Yet, traffic in Bluff City isn’t terrible.

There are some areas where you’ll experience more traffic compared to others. Rush hour is a busy time. Expect some congested areas during your morning commute.

A lot of interstates will have a connection to other main cities. The I-55 will run north to Missouri and St. Louis and south to Jackson, Mississippi. The I-22 will run southeast to Birmingham, Alabama.

Use their bus system, MATA. It will run from sunrise to sundown and has 42 different bus routes.

There are two trolley lines, and there isn’t public transit in the evening, unfortunately. Also, some people complain about the delays.

What Can You Do in Memphis?

People enjoy visiting galleries and museums while dining out on different food. Memphis will serve up massive servings and fun entertainment.

If you’re a parent, you can enjoy different kid-friendly activities both for a fee or for free.

There are over 180 parks as well, so you can always find a green spot.
 Consider checking out Shelby Farms Park, which is the nation’s largest urban park. There are over 4500 acres to explore and 40 miles of trails.

You can connect from the farms to Overton Park on your bicycle and arrive in midtown Memphis.

Overton Park also has the Memphis Zoo, Brooks Museum, and Levitt Shell. Enjoy free concerts in the summer.

You can cross the Big River Crossing Bridge on foot or your bicycle. Check out the Ghost River if you would like to go kayaking or canoeing.

Families love Memphis. You don’t need to stay inside in the summer or winter. You can go to a family-focused attraction or go hiking. Memphis is a top choice for outdoor lovers who prefer to explore year-round.

Get Excited About Moving to Memphis

We hope this guide on moving to Memphis was helpful. If you want to change your lifestyle, and pursue new opportunities, consider Memphis.

You’ll enjoy many opportunities to connect with local music lovers, try new food, and more.

Are you looking for more travel tips? We have a wide variety of helpful resources on our blog for you to check out, so stick around.

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