Developing Machine Intelligence In Sales

There are still a lot of business functions that cannot replaced by machines. Sales are at the top of the list. The focus of sales is about having superior communications with the prospects to create valuable human interactions. So how can artificial intelligence (AI) be beneficial when humans play such a vital role? There are countless ways AI in sales can benefit the sales process.

AI doesn’t replace the sales representative; instead, it provides them with the right tools and insights to work smarter forge better connections with the customers boost their ability to reach goals, and increase revenue.

With the help of AI, sales representatives can source, qualify, and execute more sales opportunities by getting the right information at the right time to help them become trusted advisors that customers are looking for. AI in sales helps sales representatives get past the gatekeepers and focus on the people who make decisions.

Listed below are some of the ways how AI is revolutionizing selling: 

Saves time to prioritize selling

Studies have shown that sales representatives spend only a quarter of their time actually selling to the customers. The majority of their time is spent on manual tasks such as updating information of meetings and email notes into the CRM software.

Artificial intelligence excels at pattern recognition, relieving sales representatives of tedious admin work by tracking communications, appointments, and other core sales activities. This helps identify the highest potential prospects by matching data profiles with their most valuable customers. Sales representatives can focus on selling and building relationships with customers instead of manual inputs.

Improves customer engagement

Having customer insights such as the touch points on the website, what solutions they have interest in or use, their engagements, etc., on-demand helps sales representatives understand a customer’s needs in order to build trust and loyalty. Having customers’ insights on demand saves time and makes it possible for the sales representatives to provide personalized interactions.

What’s more, AI automatically scores and highlights the healthiest accounts, giving sales representatives the ability to prioritize leads. With access to the information on prospects, sales reps can focus on the most promising business.

Optimizes pricing

Pricing continues to be an area that both sales and marketing teams learn to do through trial and error. Machine-learning technology analyses all the available user data such as purchasing history, promotional programs, location, and size to develop personalized pricing. AI also safeguards your corporate margins by incorporating pre-approved discount guardrails.

Not only does this help speed the sales cycle, but it also shortens the ramp-up time for new sales representatives as they can focus more on selling rather than worrying about pricing themselves out of the deal. Sales representatives can improve the customer experience by reducing the negotiations that slow down the process by providing the optimal pricing.

Improves sales forecasting

A sales forecast is a crucial step to better decision-making. Business planning, budgeting, and risk management all are dependent on the accuracy of the sales forecast. With the introduction of AI in sales forecasts, you get a real-time view of the health of every sales deal in the pipelines.

AI examines the historical data to develop deal scores that the sales teams can fine-tune to deliver highly accurate. The accuracy of the AI-driven sales forecasts depends on the quality of the data it is being provided with.

Personalizes the content that moves prospects from MQLs to SQLs

Marketing automation software like HubSpot has fastened the process of converting Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). With the help of these software, one can easily define which content needs to be shared with a given prospect at a given time.

With marketing automation software, the whole sales process becomes more organized. All the manual tasks and automatically updated in one dashboard without any intervention. Leads are scored according to their interaction with the content, and the same information is shared with the sales team, leading to a faster response time

Machines have already taken over half of the sales roles and boost customer satisfaction in the process. AI is being leveraged by businesses across all sectors to improve their processes, inform their decisions, and refine the customer experience. Sales organizations are no exception.

AI is no longer an optional thing for a business to have. For sales teams to have agility and resilience in a fast-changing market, it’s essential.

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