Pros And Cons Of Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook ads are one of the better online marketing tools to help with business ventures. As a marketing specialist, it’s your job to get clients seen. 

With an estimated 2.9 billion users, according to Statista, that’s a lot of people that could potentially come across your work and your client’s services. However, knowing how to run Facebook ads for clients means deciding if it’s the most effective platform for their success.

Here are some pros and cons about using Facebook ad campaigns if you’re unsure.


1. Simple Usability

Like most new things, the first time you try out Facebook Ads, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. But that feeling will slowly start disappearing because of how simple the interface is to use.

First, there are training videos to help you get acclimated to the different available tools. Secondly, there are tools for every level of expertise. 

So if you’re a beginner, you can automate specific steps to guide you along. For more experienced marketing experts, you can create a more hands-on experience for more control.

2. Easier to Target Specific Audiences

Some clients may have difficulty figuring out who they should target with their ads. But another benefit of Facebook ad campaigns is the ability to target specific audiences.

The interface has certain filters to help you target the customers you want to attract. If you wanted to send a message to small business owners in a particular state, that’s an option. 

You’ll also be able to target specific individuals with your post. For example, let’s say someone visited a client’s site and wanted to reach out to them. By toggling settings on Facebook ads, that possibility will become a reality. 

You can send ads to people who’ve shown an interest in your client’s site. As a result, they’ll start to develop a small audience.

3. Wider Outreach

As we mentioned above, Facebook is a popular social media platform with billions of users. So that’ll make it easier for people to connect with your client’s business.

Furthermore, your posts wouldn’t be limited to Facebook. You’ll be able to advertise on other platforms such as Instagram and Messenger,  increasing the outreach potential.


1. Limitations of Some Industries

Depending on your industry, you may not be able to use Facebook to advertise. It’s done to help users have a better experience while using the application. 

Furthermore, before ads are posted, they need to go through an extensive vetting process to ensure everything is legit. In some cases, approval may take up to 24 hours, hindering your ability to generate leads right away. 

2. Stiff Competition

While Facebook is a great place to market a client’s business, you still have other companies to worry about. It’s not that your ads won’t get seen; it’ll be tougher to stand out because a lot of people are competing for attention.

Multiple businesses will use the same keywords, different advertising tactics, and various visuals. So you’ll really have to separate yourself from the pack to ensure your ads will have some success.

3. Lack of Business Use

The primary purpose of Facebook was to connect with loved ones and to have a source of entertainment to curb boredom. But over the years, it became a platform to help businesses grow.

The problem is that most people aren’t going on Facebook to look for products and services. There are other apps and sites for those purposes. 

It doesn’t mean that you find success marketing a business there, but you have to set realistic goals. That’s why having a plan of action is essential, or else you may come across looking like a spam message.

Is Facebook Ads the Best Place to Market Businesses?

As you can see, there are pros and cons to marketing a business using Facebook Ads. The creative interface is easy to use; you’ll have wider outreach possibilities and an easier time targeting specific clients.

But on the other hand, some industries are limited from advertising there. Furthermore, you’ll face competition from other businesses, and you’ll need to set realistic goals because it is a social media platform first.

After weighing each side, if you feel like Facebook Ads is the best place to market your business, start creating ads. The quicker you become adjusted to the interface, the more success you’ll have landing clients in the future.

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