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Signs Post-Pandemic Digital Marketing Can Is Promising

As businesses emerge from the pandemic rubble, so does digital marketing tied with fresh overarching themes. Whether a brick-and-mortar shop, an online store, or a hybrid of the two will prevail soon, people can only speculate. However, what remains in the transformed global playing field is the following valuable realizations to hopefully help businesses stay competitive.

Preference for a Casual Approach

Many marketers are leveraging the power of storytelling to strike a connection with their audience. Gone are the days of believing that to strike big, a brand must sign a superstar or pay huge sums to broadcasting stations to air their ads. Nowadays, barely anyone is watching TV. On the other hand, even the smallest brands have hopped onto the more palatable short-form video trend. They are wise to incorporate short but memorable stories depicting how to live in the consumer’s shoes.

Targeted ads like a simple product infographic, a client testimonial snippet, or influencer shoutouts remain effective in increasing a brand’s stakes of being remembered. In the case of vegan brands, showcasing their sourcing behind the scenes also works. However, Forbes emphasizes the need for a brand to answer a prospect lurking online on why they appear on their screen. In other words, pressure is being put upon redefining digital advertising from simply presenting products and services to delving into what the brand strives to become.

Tools that Efficiently Measure Success

Marketing campaign metrics are widely available and are simple to learn and use. With over half of the world’s population giving out their data on social media, it is easy to include them in marketing campaigns and track their purchasing behavior. Advertising platforms including Google and FB ads and PPC companies specializing in this kind of advertising enable a brand to become ubiquitous globally.

Businesses have grown wise to shift focus from new client acquisition to existing client base retention. That is why there’s a gradual spread of the subscription model. This was traditionally used by newspaper companies and gyms, spreading to the snacks, pet goods, makeup, and movie categories. With the success of such a model, it’s safe to say there’s a brand offering a subscription program for every home essential.

Content Is King

Search engine and website optimization are overused in the world of e-commerce. Nevertheless, it does not reduce its value if executed with changing consumer preferences in mind. Featuring a niche authority in your podcasts, enhancing website user experience, and writing relevant blog posts are still key to ranking high on the search page. In addition to that, link building plays an important role in driving organic traffic, you can gain insight here at

Getting Seen Exceeds Being Known

Today, brand awareness is basic, but brand prominence will get you to places. Let’s face it, there are thousands of brands that have similar claims as you do. You can only succeed if you stand out. How brands stayed alive had a lot to do with work from home and online connections for their social media campaigns. Even far-out brands like those for shoes could create a link to these themes, and they were met with a positive response.

Incentivizing Patronage Made More Seamless

Coupons and discount codes are on their way to abolishing physical coupons, with people opting more to shop online. Also, businesses partner with financial tech companies to give mobile wallet holders access to optional card-linked offers. Doing so gives off a feeling of exclusivity as well as the ease of secure payments. Aside from luring buyers into your landing page, offering rewards improve their experience, increasing the chances of their conversion.

Quirky but Met with Affirmative Response

People see the day non-fungible tokens or NFTs have crossed paths with the marketing realm. A brand can issue an NFT collection, much like a card company launching this MLB season’s all-star player collectible card sets. But it comes with exclusive perks like freebies to make the buyer feel valued. Most have yet to fully grasp its non-permanent valuation because they can be resold in secondary markets like cryptocurrencies. However, brands can take advantage of these exchangeable digital assets to raise their brand value and create lasting relationships with their audience.

Businesses are about to see significant changes in traditional marketing methods as they are no longer as effective as they used to. The pandemic saw to it that it changed a lot of things along the way. The democratization of the market almost gives online shoppers, regardless of their demographic standing, the upper hand. With this comes the urgent need for sellers to adapt their offering to the buyers’ needs accordingly and use refreshing marketing tactics to capture their targeted audience.

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