PMP Examples – What is PMP and its Examples

What is PMP?

PMP is also known as Project Management Professional which is a certificate and is world-leading in project management certificates. It boosts the career of project leaders and helps organizations find people that are capable of working and performing better.

The PMP exam can be taken at home or at work, whichever suits you the best.

The PMP is designed for project professionals to validate that they are among the best in the following:

  • Having the skills you need to lead a project team in these difficult times
  • Having the knowledge of different aspects to how to successfully manage a project.

PMP certification indicates that you have the skills to  Lead Projects that employers seek.

The PMP have 3 key approaches:

  • Agile
  • Hybrid
  • Predictive

PMP Exam

PMP exam consists of 200 MCQs given from the following process groups:

  • Initiation 
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring
  • Controlling

And also from the following knowledge groups:

  • Integration
  • Scope
  • Time
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • HR
  • Communication
  • Risk

PMP Examples

Following are some of the PMP examples and their question and Answers

These PMP examples are just for educational purposes.

1: The deliverables are produced, and the scope is being verified. What is the main objective of validating the process?

  1. The statement project scope is prepared
  2. Deliverables are produced
  3. Deliverables are tested and checked whether the scope is met or not
  4. Deliverables are accepted by the stakeholders

Answer: 4.

2: Which one of the following defines the work needed to complete a product, service, or result?

  1. Scope baseline
  2. Project scope
  3. Product scope
  4. Scope verification

Answer: 2.

3: A project manager would have the MOST control in which type of organization?

  1. Weak matrix organization
  2. Balanced matrix organization
  3. Projectized organization
  4. Strong matrix organization

Answer: 3.

4: You are preparing a communication management plan. Which statement is not true regarding the “Distribute Information process”?

  1. The execution of the communications management plan
  2. Takes place throughout the project life cycle
  3. Includes information gathering
  4. This does not include responding to unexpected requests

Answer: 4.

5: Project work is started as outlined in the project schedule. A project manager is using Microsoft Project 2018 to see what are the effects of changing the schedule, based on certain situations.

 Which tool is being used in controlling the project schedule?

  1. What-if Scenario Analysis
  2. Fast-tracking
  3. Scheduling tool
  4. Resource levelling

Answer: 3.

6: A project has a 60% chance of a $100,000 profit and a 40% of $100,000 loss.

    The Expected Monetary Value for the project is:

  1. $100,000 profit
  2. $60,000 loss
  3. $ 20,000 profit
  4. $40,000 loss

Answer: 3.

7: An accepted deadline for a project approaches. However, the project manager 

realizes only 75% of the work has been completed. The project manager then 

issues a change request. What should the change request authorize? 

  1. Additional resources using the contingency fund 
  2. Escalation approval to use contingency funding 
  3. Team overtime to meet schedule 
  4. Corrective action based on causes

Answer: 4.

8: The project manager develops a process improvement plan to encourage continuous 

process improvement during the life of the project. Which of the following is a valid tool 

or technique to assist the project manager to assure the success of the process 

improvement plan?

  1. Change control system 
  2. Process analysis 
  3. Benchmarking 
  4. Configuration management system

Answer: 2.

8: The project manager meets with the project team to review lessons learned from 

previous projects. In what activity is the team involved?

  1. Performance management 
  2. Scope identification 
  3. Risk identification 
  4. Project team status meeting

Answer: 3.

9: As you are monitoring the cost baseline for your project, you notice that project expenses are higher than expected at this point in the project. What is the most likely cause of the variance?

What is the most likely cause of the variance?

  1. Overestimated material costs 
  2.  Lack of stakeholder support 
  3.  An incomplete milestone list 
  4.  Excess inventory

Answer: 4.

10: A team member submits the requirements management plan’s draft for review to the project manager. The project manager notices that one of the components included in the plan does not belong there.

Which of the following components did the project manager notice?

  1. A process that describes how the project requirements will be prioritized 
  2. The metrics that will be used and the rationale for using them 
  3. A process that specifies how a project scope statement will be prepared 
  4. How requirement activities will be planned, tracked, and reported

Answer: 3.

These were Some of the PMP examples to give you an idea of which type of questions are given in the exam. PMP examples are just like the actual Questions and the answers to all these PMP examples are also given.

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