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Is Liver Good For You? Beef Liver Nutrition (+8 Nutrients You Need)

In the last year I’ve cured my IBS, cut down my body fat, and I feel more energized than ever.

All of this is the result of one simple act: I’ve only eaten meat and drank water.

The carnivore diet has transformed my life.

But, until I added liver I had low energy and lingering skin issues.

Adding liver was like a cheat code.

My energy is through the roof, I have increased mental clarity, my workout performance increased by 20%, and my skin is clearer than ever before.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably a little hesitant to start eating organ meats. But as you’ll quickly find out, beef liver is the most nutrient-dense food on the planet. 

Beef Liver: Here’s How I Got Into It

Before I adopted the carnivore diet, I was riddled with issues: everything from IBS to rheumatoid arthritis, to acne.

I looked like a Humira commercial merged with a Proactiv one.

I went to countless doctors, but none thought my diet was the culprit. I was eating a diet high in foods that I thought were healthy: whole wheat bread, fruit, carbohydrates post-workout, a lot of vegetables and “heathy sandwiches.”

But after reading extensive literature I realized that my diet and carbohydrates were causing issues.

Long story short, cutting carbs eviscerated most of my issues. 

The carnivore diet has completely transformed my health. But I have to be honest, the first couple weeks weren’t the greatest.

So I decided to do more research and noticed that most of the carnivore dieters encouraged eating liver.

Like most people, I was a little grossed out at the thought of eating beef liver. After all, why would I want to eat an animal’s organs?

It turns out it’s providing much needed nutrients that beef alone doesn’t.

Once I made it a priority to have at least 400g / week, I felt and looked like a new person.

Adding beef liver made me more energized than ever before, my skin was clear, and all of my digestive issues were gone. My muscle growth even improved more than it did when I was taking everything from GNC. If you want to learn more, here are 9 health benefits of eating beef liver.

I’m not joking around when I tell you that I go about my day feeling like the energizer bunny even when I didn’t get a full night’s rest.

But enough about me.

Let’s dive into what this “superfood” actually is and why it’s so good for you.

What is the Liver? The Inside Scoop

The liver is one of the most vital organs in humans and animals.

Not only is it the largest internal organ, but it’s responsible for a ton of important functions. These include:

  • Storing glucose, vitamins and nutrients correctly
  • Filtering and removing toxins and drugs from your blood
  • Processing digested food from the gut

Beef Liver Nutrition: Liver is Nature’s Multivitamin

Even though it hasn’t been getting the same attention as it used to, the liver is quite possibly the most nutrient-dense food on the planet.

Liver used to be an extremely popular delicacy before people started favoring muscle meats for their flavor. Often hunter-gatherers would go straight for the organ meat before anything else.

Most people assume that fruits and vegetables are the best way to get your essential vitamins and minerals but beef liver is loaded with even more nutritional value.

Just 100g amount of liver contains more than 100% of the recommended daily value for various micronutrients and it’s a great source of protein.

Most animal livers can be eaten but the most popular sources include cow, chicken, duck, lamb, and pig. My favorite (along with the majority of carnivores) is beef liver.

Bottom line: Beef liver is the most nutrient-packed food source on the planet.

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Is Liver Good for You? You Need These 8 Essential Nutrients

Whether you’re on the all-meat carnivore diet, or you’re just trying to improve your overall health through healthy eating, beef liver should be a staple in your nutrition regimen.

After incorporating beef liver into my diet:

  • I’m way stronger in the gym
  • I’m more focused on tasks at work (even without coffee)
  • My mood is lifted (amongst other things)
  • I wake up with boundless energy (I should consider venturing into competitive sports rather than cleaning my house after work every day)

Let’s go over beef liver’s nutrition:

Vitamin A

In fact, vitamin A is one of the most important nutrients on the planet. Even Orcas know the importance of it and kill sharks only to eat the liver.

What are some of the functions of Vitamin:

  • Essential for preserving your eyesight
  • lowers risk of certain cancers
  • supports a healthy immune system
  • reduces acne
  • promotes healthy reproductive function

Pretty much anything important, Vitamin A plays a role in.

When I started adding beef liver, my skin looked like porcelain. 

Beef liver is one of the only food sources that contain ample amounts of vitamin A. Just 100g of it has 2200% of the recommended daily intake.

It’s also in the form of Retinol which is much more bioavailable than beta-carotene, which is found in plant foods. 

There also aren’t ways to supplement retinol on the market. The best and only way to get sufficient vitamin A is from beef liver. 

Vitamin B

Many people have a vitamin B deficiency today. Especially people who don’t consume plenty of animal foods.

It’s vital for neurological function, DNA production and repair, red blood cell development, amino acid metabolism, cell growth, helps convert food into energy, and also acts as an antioxidant.

One serving of beef liver contains:

  • Riboflavin (B2) – 220% of the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI)
  • Folate (B9) – 60% of the RDI
  • Cobalamin (B12) – 2000% of the RDI

B9 and B12 are both critical for brain function.

The first time I had beef liver, I got a jolt of energy from the high vitamin B concentration.

Vitamin D

Plays a substantial role in maintaining healthy bones, reducing the risk of flu and diabetes, optimizing hormones, cell regeneration and even helps prevent cancer.

Vitamin D deficiency is extremely common. Most people don’t get anywhere near the recommended daily amount which can lead to fatigue, depression, back and bone pain, impaired wound healing, and hair loss.

While beef liver only contains around 5% of the RDI of vitamin D, every little bit counts when you’re deficient. Make sure to get some sunlight every day and consider supplementing with vitamin D to avoid this common deficiency.

Vitamins A and D can also help to heal leaky gut


Plays an important role in several processes including brain development, liver function, DNA synthesis, a healthy nervous system, fat transportation and metabolism, cell structure, and cell messaging.

Beef liver is the richest source of choline, containing over 300mg which is around 85% of the RDI.


Acts as a key to activate a number of enzymes which go on to regulate energy production, brain function, and iron metabolism.

100g of beef liver contains over 466% of the RDA for copper. 


Helps cells generate energy, plays a crucial role in oxygen circulation throughout your body, and helps your immune system destroy harmful pathogens like bacteria and viruses.

Beef liver is one of the best sources of iron in the world. 100g of beef liver has 63% of the RDA for Iron.

Vitamin K2

Plays a crucial role in wound healing, bone health, and prevents blood clotting. It also helps to decalcify the bloodstream. 

Beef liver is packed with vitamin K2. 100g of beef liver has 127% of the RDA for k2. 

Protein: Beef Liver is a Workout Supplement

To build muscle, you need three things: 

  1. Resistance Training
  2. mTOR stimulation
  3. Amino acids

Beef liver can’t help with 1, although maybe you can do some curls with it before you eat it. 

But it’s one of the best foods you can eat for mTOR stimulation and amino acid intake.

Amino acids are essential building blocks for muscles. They stimulate mTOR, the cellular’s master controller for protein synthesis and growth.

You may have heard of Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). They’re a group of essential amino acids, that trigger muscle growth and slow muscle breakdown. Leucine has been shown to be the most effective BCAA   .

Just 100g of beef liver has 2.7g of Leucine.

Protein plays an important role in just about every biological process. It’s responsible for building, strengthening, and repairing tissue.

Your body needs it to make enzymes, hormones, boosts metabolism and acts as the building block for bones, muscles, blood, skin, and cartilage.

Beef liver is a great source of healthy, easily-digestible protein, containing 20g with each 100g serving. 

Liver Nutrients vs. Multivitamin: Which One is Better?

At first I thought supplementing with a multivitamin was all I needed to provide my body with all the essential nutrients I may or may not have been deficient in with the carnivore diet.

But boy was I wrong.

There’s been a lot of debate whether or not synthetic nutrients (multivitamins) provided the same benefit as natural nutrients.

It turns out, whole foods like beef liver are superior to taking multivitamins because of something called food synergy. This means specific vitamins and minerals interact with each other to increase the overall effectiveness.

Our bodies have evolved to get just the right amount of nutrients from food.

Bottom line: Vitamins are more readily absorbed from food sources rather than supplements.

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