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Best Software For Running A Home Owners Association

Home Owner Association, also known as HOA in short, is a community consisting of single houses, townhouses, condos, or a planned community. This community helps to maintain society and its surroundings. 

The responsibilities of an HOA vary depending on what type of community it is. For instance, if we are talking about condo development, it may oversee the management of the entire property.

Whereas, if it is a townhouse, an HOA will be responsible for the management of the common areas.

If the responsibility of the HOA changes based on the community, how will you define it? 

What Is A Home Owner Association?

An HOA is a self-governing body – with a common interest – community that is established by the residents of the homeowner. This community collects fees from society to maintain and manage the neighborhood.

Properties within an HOA-managed territory are governed by collective rules and regulations. The association enforces these rules and regulations to maintain the property and its peace. 

An HOA operates on a different level, just like a corporate organization. That means there are multiple operations that need to be taken care of on a daily basis. 

While single houses or townhouses have limited operation, if it’s an organized, planned community, HOA holds administrative power. In that case, managing and operating every operation manually becomes impossible.

This is where they need Home Owners Association Software to automate their daily tasks. 

Home Owner Association Software

What Is A Home Owner Association Software?

An HOA software is a one-in-all management home owners association software tool that helps the HOA operate smoothly. It comprises an online contact database, website builder, event platform, communication system, finance management, and much more.

An HOA software can help you streamline all the HOA administrative operations. In addition, it also helps you cope with the legal needs to operate HOA in your community. 

An HOA software consists of different modules that help you educate about different HOA processes.

How Is A Home Owner Association Software Beneficial?

The simplest way to answer is that it can take a lot of loads off your plate. Yes, we know that is not the correct way to answer. This is why we have created a list to highlight the benefits of using hoa voting software.

  • Streamline All Your Processes: HOA responsibilities include documentation, finance management, managing the books, issuing CC&R and violation reports, and much more. Without the HOA software, all the processes needed human involvement. But with HOA software, all these processes can be automated and streamlined.
  • All The Documents Are Stored In One Place: Having a dedicated HOA software means all the HOA-related documents are in one place. All the key stakeholders will have access to these documents. This will help maintain transparency among the residents and HOA.
  • Manages Your HOA Task From Anywhere: You can practically manage your HOA task and responsibility from anywhere. You don’t have to be physically present to get the document of the new residents that have recently bought a property in the locality. Just asking them to submit on the platform will get the job done. 
  • Data Are Secured: All the information is stored in a cloud database. That means you don’t have to worry about losing the data. And as the data is stored on cloud platforms, it is protected by multiple levels of security.
  • Improve Internal & External Communications: Part of this comes from the fact that all the data is stored on an online platform. It becomes much easier to come to a decision when everyone has access to the necessary data. In addition, the same platform can also be used to share information with the residents’ homeowners and let them know about the HOA decision on a particular matter.
  • Help You Create Accurate Report: Finally, with the HOA software, you have all the information in one place. That means when you are sitting to create reports, you don’t have to scour for the right information from multiple resources. You can get everything from the HOA software. You can easily create better reports on the association’s activity and plan for the neighborhood’s future.

Best Home Owner Association Software

Now that you know the benefits an HOA platform has to offer, you must be wondering which HOA software will be best for your use. Asking this question is natural. However, with hundreds of HOA software tools available in the market, it can get tricky to get your hands on software that caters to your needs.

However, we have just the perfect solution for you.

HOA Start software – Whether you are a single housing, condominium, or a planned, organized community, HOA Start is more than capable of catering to all your needs.

Now, you must be wondering, ‘Why HOA Start’?

For starters, the professionals in HOA Start are individuals who are living in communities supported by Home Owners Association. This means they understand the importance of an HOA and offer their services on par with what is expected from them. 

As a resident of a locality with an HOA, HOA Start’s employees understand the importance of families, neighbors, property value, and community involvement.

HOA Start has decades of experience in delivering perfect website design and software for thousands of associations around the US.

Features That Make HOA Start The Best Software

1. Communications

The major role of the HOA Start software tool is that it smoothens communication among the residents and the board of directors. The community needs to have timely communication to know what is happening in the community, and future actions are needed. HOA Start website software makes it easy to stay updated and connected.

For that to happen, HOA Start offers –

  • Emailing services.
  • Community newsfeed.
  • Comply with the applicable state laws.
  • Pin down important messages.

2. Event Management

Event management is a big responsibility for the HOA. There are just too many factors to consider before allowing anyone to hold events in a shared public area. But with the HOA Start software, it will look like a piece of cake. 

From small gatherings to weeklong happenings, HOA Start software can easily handle everything. To manage the events more efficiently, the HOA Start platform offers-

  • Custom enrollment forms.
  • Free & paid events.
  • Easy payment options.
  • Other even itineraries.

3. Secure Database

HOA Start stores all the association’s information in a secured database. The information is stored on a cloud platform, ensuring all data is secure and protected. 

You can keep everything in one place by storing all the information on a cloud platform. This reduces the hassle of sharing data and important information through messaging and social media applications.

With the online cloud storage system, you can also –

  • Store all your historical data.
  • Access important information from anywhere.
  • Share data with everyone in the residential community.

4. Online Payments

HOA is a community that is formed of residential members. To operate this community and manage the neighborhood, monetary support is required. This is taken care of by collecting fees from the residential members. 

HOA Start offers an online payment solution that helps members pay their dues on time without any obstructions. This feature works like just any third-party platform used to send and receive payments.

With HOA Start, users can stay up to date with their fees and dues. The feature further offers the following.

  • Recurring payments.
  • Automatically apply fees.
  • Unlimited dues level.
  • Easy to use payment dashboards.

5. Reservation System

HOA Start has a reservation feature that allows the residents to reserve a common area for any events. When a resident makes a reservation, the information is shared with the board of directors and other resident members. 

With these features, the information can be delivered without any issues. It also comes with minute customization. For instance, time can be scheduled if two residential members reserve the same area for any event.

This feature further offers the following.

  • Automated emailing.
  • Customized calendar for each amenity.
  • Enable residents to share reservation details.
  • Instant updates on acceptance or rejections.

6. Voting & Polls

Every community wants to grow. And to grow, they need to make some important decisions. This is where the voting and polling features of HOA Start come into play. 

With the voting and polling features, every resident member of the community can vote or poll to help the board of directors to make important decisions.

This feature further offers the following.

  • Easy to provide proxy voting rights.
  • Offer unlimited questions with flexible answers.
  • Easily view the results and export if needed.

7. User Dashboard

HOA Start comes with an amazing dashboard that offers a unique user experience. The dashboard is quite intuitive and summarizes all the information for quick answers on important affairs.

This feature further offers the following.

  • Unified member dashboard.
  • Users can see full community involvement.
  • Access community insight.
  • Admin can access details easily.


Running a home owners association is not easy. It is just like a small business with multiple operations. Your hands will always fill with community work. Fortunately, you have HOA software that can help you automate most of the tasks. 

In this article, we have discussed all about HOA and HOA software tools. We have also talked about HOA software that you can start using from today.

If you do start using HOA Start, do share your experience.

For more valuable information visit this website.

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