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A Stylish Kitchen Decor and Accessory Trend For 2022

Like any other part of your home, kitchens also need constant upgrades. A kitchen isn’t a place only reserved for cooking three meals a day. It’s a spot for family conversations, tea parties, and more. Therefore, you can’t ignore your kitchen. You should add stylish accessories and follow modern trends, such as getting concealed storage space, resin serveware, and outdoor trays.

The kitchen designs for 2022 are more welcoming and practical. Choosing these latest trends makes your kitchen space interesting to look at. It becomes a part of your home where you spend a good time alone or with guests.

Modern Trends and Beautiful Designs For Your Kitchen

In today’s time, everyone wants to have sustainable and beautiful items in their home. So why not revamp your kitchen according to the trends of 2022? It will be more beneficial. Companies like lynnliana produce fabulous and eco-friendly products for your kitchen. You could purchase stylish serving boards, resin coasters, bamboo trays, and large cheese boards to catch your guest’s attention.

You could renovate your kitchen according to the following top trends:

Soft Shapes

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These days, more homeowners prefer round-shaped tables and accessories. Honestly, round-shaped items give a better look to a kitchen. The room looks more sophisticated with soft shapes rather than square furniture. Apart from luxury, soft-shaped furniture has better usage.

Soft shapes are aesthetically pleasing and have become the trend for kitchens of 2022. In design, decorations, and accessories, we see a dominance of round shapes. From round-shaped chairs to circular serving trays and round cheese boards, anything in a circular shape will always complement the overall look of a kitchen.

If you plan to get a new table for your kitchen space, opt for one with a rounded top. The smooth edges reduce the tension in the environment.  

Having Tiles With a Pattern

Adding top-notch cutlery, serve ware, and dinner trays are not the only additions you need to make. Focus on the tiles of your kitchen. They leave a strong impression on a visitor.

Using printed tiles is a modern trend in 2022. Multiple homeowners add printed tiles to give life to their kitchen. Here’s the thing, you can follow the theme by getting contrasting printed tiles.

Nowadays, hardly anyone uses plain tiles. They give off a dull vibe. The best thing to do is visit a nearby tile store and choose a prominent pattern. There is no harm in experimenting with tile color and design. A few bold decisions can transform a conventional kitchen into a modern one.

Integrated Storage

There was a trend of constructing cabinets and shelves in every corner or on every wall. Thankfully, now people prefer integrated cabinets. You can’t survive in your kitchen without cabinets because you need to place various items in them. However, that doesn’t mean you need to over-occupy your kitchen area.

For more storage space, integrated solutions are a must, such as:

  • Adding extra shelves within a cupboard
  • Using storage containers for more space
  • Shelves built within walls

No matter how many members live in your home, with integrated storage cabinets, all of your goods will fit in one room.  Furthermore, integrated storage is ideal for small-sized kitchens.

Vintage and Antique Items

Trendy kitchens have a combination of vintage and antique goods. For example, an antique table decorated with modern breakfast trays or round serving trays gives off a pleasant feeling. You feel a sudden warmth when you enter your beautifully decorated kitchen.

Some homes use scrubbed kitchen tables to give a more traditional vibe to their home. You can get your hands on some antiquities and set your kitchen according to the current trend.

Veined Marble Tops

Regular marble won’t compliment a kitchen’s look, but veined marble will add to the beauty of an ordinary kitchen. You might have heard of plain marble tops, but currently, veined marble is in demand. The exquisite finish and detailing make it an incredible choice for every kitchen.

However, that’s not all. Coffee and wine spills won’t ruin the finish of veined marble. The stone is non-porous, so no liquid is absorbed. You can quickly wipe off the excess liquid using a wipe. Whether you place bamboo serving trays, wholesale charcuterie boards, or cheese boards, nothing will harm the surface.

Once you get veined marble for your countertop or table, you will not be able to look away. It gives a royal look and complements every theme.

Vibrant Color Schemes

Vibrant colors help bring a room to life. Instead of a gray or white shade, opt for something different like blue or green color. Nature-loving people can go with a green color scheme.

Another trendy color is blue. In 2022, several house owners switched to royal blue or navy blue color schemes. From walls to cabinets, the blue color suits everything. It gives a cooling effect to your kitchen and keeps you fresh.  

Glass Partitioning

Glass partitioning helps to separate your kitchen from the rest of the house without compromising on space. It gives your kitchen a spacious look and contains all the smells.

Instead of constructing walls and doors, you can choose glass partitions. Add a few plants near the glass partition to enhance the appearance of your kitchen.

Utility rooms

It’s necessary to clear the clutter in your kitchen. Messy tabletops don’t give a good vibe. For this reason, people have started constructing utility rooms. These rooms store extra items like food items, utensils, and even corporate Christmas gifts if you don’t have space anywhere else.

Instead of placing serving trays on marble tops, store them in the utility room’s cupboards.


A stylish kitchen adds to the beauty of your home. You can change the color scheme or the overall appearance of your kitchen to transform it into something more stylish. There are several ways to implement your ideas, so don’t feel discouraged.

These classy trends help you impress your friends and family. With these ideas, you can create a comfortable and cozy space for yourself where you will enjoy your time. 

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