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6 Bathroom Remodelling Sydney Tips for an Attractive Bathroom

Bathroom remodelling is a tough decision, especially if you’re unsure how to start. It’s one of the essential aspects of bathroom remodelling Sydney because it affects all the others. There are so many ways you can improve your bathroom, and some might be simple, but others can take time and effort. If you have been trying to remodel your bathroom for a long time, it’s about time you start working on it to make it look great. This blog post outlines six bathroom remodelling Sydney tips for an attractive bathroom.

1. Retrofit a Shower

A retrofit shower is perfect for updating your bathroom without breaking the bank. If you’re remodelling an existing bathroom, you may get away with removing an old shower and installing a new one. However, this is not always possible if your bathroom has a separate tub and toilet room. If this is the case and you decide against making any modifications to your current setup, consider installing a retrofit shower instead.

Installing a retrofit shower involves removing the old plumbing from your current setup and replacing it with new plumbing that delivers hot or cold water directly into the drain line. You will also need to add valves and fittings to regulate temperature when needed.

2. Set Up a Vanity That Reflects Your Personality

The vanity is the ultimate focal point when it comes to bathroom remodelling. A new vanity can transform the look of your bathroom and give it that extra finishing touch.

There’s nothing worse than an ugly vanity in front of an otherwise beautiful bathroom. If you really want to make your bathroom feel more like a cool home rather than an office space, it’s time for a new vanity.

Make sure you set up a vanity that reflects your personality and style. You don’t have to go all out with marble or something costly; instead, opt for something that fits in with your other decor and décor. If you have a more modern vibe in your home, then perhaps go for something more modern or stick with the same wood as your cabinets.

3. Make Sure Your Tiles Are the Right Size for the Space

Tiles are one of the most critical elements in a bathroom remodelling project. They can make or break the look and feel of a space, so it’s essential to get them right. The size of your tiles is one of the most critical factors when selecting bathroom tiles. The tile you choose should match the other elements in the room and also fit with the rest of the flooring and walls; if you’re using wood floors, for example, a tile that is too large will be distracting. If you’re unsure whether a specific size is appropriate for your space, talk to someone who knows about tile sizes! You might also want to consider how many people will use this room; if there are young children around or elderly relatives who may need assistance when getting in and out of the shower, then larger tiles might be better suited than smaller ones.

4. Cast Stone Creates a More Intriguing Texture

Cast stone is one of the most popular materials in bathroom remodelling Sydney. It is a natural material with an exciting texture, and cast stone creates a more intriguing texture than other materials found in bathrooms. The texture of cast stone is created by the way it is shaped, so it will always look different depending on the shape and size of the stone. Cast stone has some unique features that make it one of the most attractive bathroom materials available today.

5. Install a Claw-Foot Tub To Avoid Steps

A claw-foot tub is a classic design and has been used since the Victorian era. It is also one of the most popular bathtubs in home bathrooms today because it offers an elegant look and feels.

Claw-foot baths are so famous because they are often installed with a step on top, so you can easily get in and out of the tub without using a ladder or steps. It’s very important to remember that you will need to allow plenty of room around your claw-foot tub if you want to install it properly. You don’t want to block off any part of your bathroom with furniture or other objects because this can cause issues when you’re trying to get into or out of your tub.

6. Try a Rounded Mirror for a Chic, Contemporary Look

Placing this mirror in the centre of your room will give it an extra touch of elegance, plus it will be easier to clean around than other types of mirrors. The rounded shape also makes installing more affordable, so you can get some nice new fixtures without breaking the bank.


When it comes to bathroom remodelling, the finished product must be as attractive as the process that leads up to it. Taking time for planning is key; before starting any project in your home, you should consider what kind of design work you want and how you want your bathroom to look. Now that you have these bathroom remodelling tips, it’s time to undertake a bathroom renovation project according to your style.

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