Old Battery Disposal Done Right: What You Need To Know

The world generates over 2 billion tons of solid waste annually, and over 30% is not disposed of safely. Old battery disposal is a common item that people do not dispose of properly.

However, it is easy to learn how to dispose of batteries properly. Nowadays, many items contain different types of batteries, so it is important to know the right battery disposal for each type of battery. Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to dispose of batteries properly.

Why Dispose of Batteries Properly

There are several reasons why you should know how to dispose of batteries properly. Many items cannot be put in dumpsters. Check out this gotta go dumpsters article to learn more.

Items such as batteries pose several risks, such as leak risks. If batteries leak, they can harm the environment and infect water systems, posing health hazards to all life. Batteries often contain lead, mercury, and other harmful substances. There are also other risks, such as fire risks.

If you can recycle your batteries, even better. It helps protect and reuse raw resources that the world needs to protect. It also reduces battery disposal risks of contamination, fire, and other threats.

How to Dispose of Single-Use Batteries

Single-use batteries are the batteries you often purchase in stores and are around the home, such as AA batteries. Other single-use batteries include AAA and 9V. They are often in TV remotes, flashlights, electronics, and other items.

Single-use batteries are made of metals that the government does not consider to be hazardous. So, alkaline battery disposal is with your other trash. However, it is important to check specific batteries and state guidelines, too, as, for example, it is illegal to throw any batteries away in California.

You can also recycle single-use batteries, but sometimes there is a fee associated instead. It can be helpful to use rechargeable batteries to reduce the need for battery disposal.

Rechargeable Old Battery Disposal

There are several different types of rechargeable battery disposals, including lithium battery disposal, small sealed acid batteries, and types of nickel batteries. You cannot throw any rechargeable battery in the dumpster or trash, as they contain harmful heavy metals.

Car batteries cannot be thrown in the trash and must be recycled, collected at garages, or scrap metal providers. There are many places you can recycle rechargeable batteries but do not just throw them in your recycling bin. You can use a tool such as a recycling search engine to find a location near you.

Preparing Batteries for Disposal

If possible, remove the battery from the electronics before disposal. There are exceptions, such as certain cellphones. Place batteries in a non-conductive box and cover battery terminals with non-conductive tape.

You can also separate batteries into different packages too. Certain recycling and disposal services will provide additional safety steps you need to take, especially if you use a mail old battery disposal service.

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