The First Divisions to Consider When Starting a Business

When it comes to starting a business, many entrepreneurs appreciate being their boss and having the freedom to create something that can potentially become successful. Although this prospect is enticing, entrepreneurs face numerous business challenges. Studies have shown that most new businesses fail within the first five years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of companies fail within the first year, and about 50% do not make it past five years.

Different challenges will present themselves to entrepreneurs throughout their businesses. Many successful entrepreneurs recommend tackling them one at a time by first dividing the process into smaller divisions. It is essential to understand that all companies have certain vital elements necessary for them to remain sustainable and profitable. Still, you do not have to do it alone. You can invest in a high-powered team to help you with the various aspects of starting a business. Here are a few departments to consider first.

Product Development

Nothing starts until a company has something to offer its consumers. Companies cannot generate revenue without products, so product development should be considered among the first few divisions when starting a business. Product development involves research, prototyping, testing, and launching of products. It is essential to have an experienced team of engineers that can help design and create viable products for the market.

A National Institute of Standards and Technology study reveals that product development is among the most critical factors for business success. However, market knowledge and research will be vital to creating the right product for your target consumers.

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Business Model Development

The most successful companies have a robust business model to generate long-term profits. A strong business model will help a company stay competitive in the industry and identify areas where it can gain an edge over its competitors. This involves creating tactics and strategies to increase sales, maximize customer satisfaction, and minimize operational costs. It also helps entrepreneurs focus on their strengths while leveraging other resources to succeed in their fields.

Additionally, investors will want to know that your business has a well-thought-out plan with achievable goals before they provide you with funding. To ensure this, you should hire advisors or consultants to help devise the best strategy to maximize profits and minimize losses.


Once you have a product and business model, it is time to market your company. This will involve developing an effective communication strategy to reach potential customers, partners, and investors. It is crucial to select the most appropriate methods of marketing – such as digital marketing, print ads, or radio – for your target audience. Depending on your product or service type, some tactics might work better than others.

The right marketing plan will help drive traffic to your website and increase brand awareness. Additionally, you should create an engaging website with valuable content that entices people to use your products or services. It is also essential to track all activities that are related to marketing so that you can measure their success.


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Businesses need to keep their finances in check. A reliable accounting system should be in place when starting a business. This division will help you manage expenses, invoices, payrolls, and taxes. You should hire a qualified accountant to file taxes, track profits and losses, and understand your company’s financial health.

It is essential to ensure that all financial data is accurately recorded to avoid making mistakes while calculating taxes or filing reports. Additionally, budgeting is an integral part of keeping track of your finances. Your accounting team should be able to provide you with valuable insights into how to manage your money and maximize savings effectively wherever possible.

However, finding accounting specialists can be challenging. Consider outsourcing the services to finance staffing to ensure you get the best team for your business. This option can help reduce costs and provide access to qualified professionals with specialized skills.

Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) division manages and recruits employees. It is essential to have a team in place that will find the best talent to work with your business. The HR department should also be able to create policies and procedures that ensure workplace safety, compliance with labor laws, and proper compensation for workers.

Moreover, the HR team should be trained to handle employee grievances and resolve workplace conflicts. Additionally, it would help if they could provide training programs that equip staff with skills relevant to their roles.

By creating an effective HR system, businesses can benefit from an engaged workforce that works together towards common goals. This can increase productivity while building strong relationships between employers and employees.

Final Thoughts

Starting a business is complex, and many divisions must get considered. From industry analysis to marketing and accounting, each step of the way requires careful thought and strategy. Additionally, businesses should focus on their human resources to ensure they have the most capable team members.

By having these divisions in mind when starting a business, entrepreneurs can ensure they get off to a strong start while achieving long-term success.

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