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Since the start, Google has launched almost nine different Android versions in the market. The recent version is Android 10. This version came out as a beta version on 3rd September. Android 10 is the newest version of Android with irrespective of previous versions (Deserts Names). However, Google made this version with advanced features and improvements. It is the updated version of Android. 

Google developed that version by keeping in mind the new generation of smartphones like the foldable phone. Foldable phones are creating a new buzz in the market. It will offer privacy, stability and the last thing is flexibility, therefore, if you want to develop an Android app. Go for the Android ten. It is a new technology, and it has advanced features. If you don’t know where to get more information regarding this, don’t worry. 

In this technological era, you can easily find a development company near you. For example, you are looking for an Android app development agency in North America, simply Google it. Google will show you the top app development company that is nearby your location. The same goes for the other countries and states. You can search like that as Google officially launches its Android 10 on 3rd September. 

The thing to note is that Google first launches this version on Pixel and Pixel 2 and 3. On the other side, for taking full advantage form the functionalities of Android 10. Therefore, developers are using and testing this version by updating their apps. The purpose of doing this to offer a great user experience to their customers. So, in this post, we’ll discuss the new features of Android 10. These features will have an impact on developers and users.

Android 10’s New Features

Native Support for Foldable Smartphone

This new feature helps the user to switch quickly from foldable mode to folded mode. It is the main reason behind developing Android 10, as we have already discussable that the foldable devices are creating a buzz in the market. So, the company adopt the new trend and launch Android 10.

Live Caption

The new version also alters the way we see or hear audio or video content. This version will help people with hearing disabilities. In other words, people who can’t hear this version of Android will allow them to see the subtitles. The subtitles will help them understand things. It will convert all the payable content into subtitles. 

For example, the video, audio, and the podcast. The best part of this feature is that it will function without connectivity. In other words, a person with hearing disabilities can easily access the content. Furthermore, it always ensures that the user always accesses content sans any issue. 

Gesture-Based Navigation

Google has made multiple significant changes in this version. The previous way of navigation of apps and websites is updated. With this new version, they have removed the buttons. A user now navigates through the gestures. This feature allows users to change the page of the app by swiping. It will depend on the mobile and user settings. The gesture-based navigation system replaces the old way of navigation.

Dark Mode (All Black or Dark)

Most people like me love to use a mobile phone in dark mode. So, people like dark mode because they love the color black. Therefore, Android 10 launched a dark mode for its users. That will switch the entire system into the dark theme. Dark mode has multiple benefits. Firstly, it uses less battery. Thus, it will increase the battery life. On the other hand, if we run our phone in the previous or original mode, it drains more battery. 

It ultimately affects battery health. Dark mode less affects your eyes. Secondly, using apps and websites in dark mode offer users a better experience. Some people use their phones in a low-light environment. They will surely like that feature. I think you should test your apps once in dark mode. It will offer you a better user experience. On the other hand, you can determine that what things are required to change.  

Smart Reply (Quick Response)

I know how people respond to the messages at the back of the day. For example, there was no concept of multitasking. If a person uses another app and gets a message, they have to close the app and then go to the message and respond. It was the most challenging time for everyone to close the app, go to inbox, and reply. Now thanks to the new Android version. It has made things easier for users. 

The new feature of Android 10 (Smart Reply) will help the users in multiple ways. Firstly, this feature will allow the user to respond to all the incoming messages. This feature is linked with all the other messaging apps too. It will enable the user to respond to messages with already or built-in responses. This feature also allows a user to open Google Maps when someone shares locations through messages directly.

Greater Security

Data breaches, loss of data, and other security concerns are always there. Many times, we have seen that users have lost their data or someone just hacked their device. So, by keeping this all in mind, Google has introduced some new measures in this version. This feature is designed with a more safe and secure OS. In short, Google has used almost more than 40 functions to enhance security. But, on the other hand, keeping customer privacy safe and secure is Google’s priority. 

On the other hand, this feature allows the user to get control over apps, which use their location. As a result, an app cannot use user information until the customer allows you to use it. Moreover, the restrictions will also reduce. For example, what should happen next when a user is not using an app? Further, the new Android version is also working on more than 180 security weaknesses.

Bubbles based multitasking:

You can compare this feature with the smart reply feature. These features are relatively somehow the same. You can reply instantly to any message rapidly. In smart reply, you are responding with built-in responses. While in this feature, you can reply to messages without opening the app. 

You can respond to the message over other apps in floating style. It is the best feature so far. Google appreciates this feature as it allows the user to respond to the message without opening the entire conversation. It works similarly to messenger chat heads. 

Developing Apps for Android 10

In addition to new features, Android 10 is introduced with multiple and new functions that will affect apps. In other words, these new functions will put impact the way of app run or operate. It can affect the functionality of the app. Therefore, it is essential to check your app. It will help you to understand that how this feature is behaving with the app. 

Evaluate and see features are supporting apps or not. If things are going well, you can simply go ahead with the feature. But if you find some errors and issues, try to address them first before going live with the feature.

Updating of non-SDK interface limitations

The new version of Android has come with an updated list. The purpose of this list is to limit the non-SDK interface. On the other hand, it will enhance constancy and compatibility. These non-SDK have come with some risk. As a result, it crashes apps sometimes. On the other hand, Google have allowed some gray list non-SDK to use. 

Moreover, Google also suggests that for improving stability, the non-SDK interface must look for SDK solutions. On the other hand, the developers who cannot find any suitable SDK think it is a good idea and the right time to demand the new public API.

Gesture Navigation

As we have mentioned above, that this new version of Android 10 has removed the navigating buttons. In this user is allowed to use gestures for navigations. So, for ensuring that this feature is well-matched with the change or not. Therefore, it is essential to test all the aspects. For example, expand the app content and try to manage all the available different screen gestures. Evaluate gestures are working perfectly or not.

NDK (Native Development Kit)

The launch of the new version of Google’s Android 10. It also strengthens the restrictions against the shared objects. These limitations are for those objects that contain text relocations. Such types of shared objects have the chance of breaking. Therefore, it is essential to coding the apps to enhance security and improve the loading time. As people normally close the website, that takes too much time to open or load.

Shared Memory

The subsystem of unknown shared memory and the format of maps are entirely changed. Moreover, for apps that evaluate map files, this change will undoubtedly affect them. So, if you don’t want to be this, always plan the evaluation cases and apply them for authenticating apps that depend on Dalvik map style. 

Testing or evaluating Mobile Apps Under new version (Android 10)

As we all know, if someone wants to stay competitive in the market. On the other hand, they want to satisfy their customers’ needs. So, for doing this, they have to stay updated with the current market trends. So, the companies are required to adopt and use this new version of Google Android. 

Organizations must update their apps with new features and behaviors for better support and user experience. Furthermore, the companies need to go through the high-quality assurance process for adopting this new version. It will allow them to remove bugs or errors. These bugs and errors always disturb the app’s functions. On the other hand, it affects the app’s steadiness and compatibility. As a result, it can be the reason for security exposures.

Final Notes

In conclusion, if you want to reach and interact with potential customers, you have to go for the Android app development for your business. No matter what type of business you are running. The thing that matters is to target more customers for the company. It attracts more customers or traffic that ultimately increase the sale. So, the android app is beneficial for you as well as for customers. 

It helps you in attracting more customers even you can target customers worldwide. On the other hand, customers need things on their doorsteps with ease and comfort. So, they order their product online without any hassle. Moreover, when it comes to app development, also go for the recent technology or version like Android 10. It will help you now and also in the future. 

The new version and technology will offer you the latest and advanced features. Therefore, choosing the new and latest version and technology is always a good idea. So, if you don’t know from where you get all this, you can connect with the large and top-class companies around you. 

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