Top 6 iOS App Development Trends in 2021

Anybody and everybody who is starting their own business these days are into mobile application development. The more splendid the features of the apps are, and the more astounding the utilities are, the more sales orders for businesses. A mobile app development company is now creating more efficient and user-friendly applications for gratifying the ever-growing demands of customers. The popularity of Apple devices is huge right now that directly reflects the high demand for iOS platform development. App developers are continuously striving to present scalable mobile applications carrying a wide array of functions. For this, every developer is now focusing on the iOS development trend to keep up with the market competition. Check out a few important trends that will lead to 2021.

Impressionable statistics!

Almost every business model and the marketplace undergo an intense transformation with the advent of Smartphones and smart applications. Revenue generation from the mobile industry alone will reach around $695 billion in the year 2021. However, a business cannot thrive by only implementing the correct mobile application development strategy. Bringing up-to-the-minute market trends into the light is vital. Strengthening the application is possible with advanced technology and a futuristic approach. Here are some promising iOS trends that can help businesses outsmart their competitors:

  1. AI and Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology implementation leads to more efficient and customer-engaging applications. iOS application developers function with Machine Learning via the Core ML structure. Integrating the tool into the application is possible for initiating machine training. This is intending to improve the customer experience. The Core ML employs an amalgamation of algorithms for conducting several tasks. A variety of businesses can select what suits better as per their demands. Few AI features utilized in mobile applications are image classification, speech and face recognition, etc.

The future of iOS development will witness the implementation of AI iOS development trends largely. This is because it plays a crucial role in user experience and makes application development more time-effective.

  1. CloudKit: The Apple cloud service has endured transformation and is now better than the earlier times. iOS app development trends 2021 like this will prevail as it will empower app developers in innumerable ways. This service offers more than 1PB free storage, and the total application data can be stored in iCloud. This receives support from the functionalities of simple sharing, robust services such as server-side storage and authentication, real-time syncing, etc. The modern mobile app development companycan create better applications with these trends.
  2. IoT: This is a concept that will soon be widespread, and the world will witness its domination in the Apple app development sphere. IoT connects devices into a single ecosystem to exchange information. 

As per the stats, there were more than 12.7 billion devices linked to IoT in 2020. By 2025, the figure is anticipated to reach more than 31.9 billion. These impressive predictions are compelling iOS developers and a mobile app development company to work on apps that can be companionable with advanced IoT advanced technologies. 

Along with the progress of smart home tech, IoT will emphasize safety and health care issues for boosting online healthcare services. This is for decreasing the spread of the deadly virus. 

  1. Swift 6 Programming Language: As an improved iOS application programming language version, the development domain saw the entering of Swift 5 and Swift 2020. Businesses put their money in Swift 5 because of language and compiler updates, swift syntax updates, binary and stable ABI compatibility, module stability, and many more. 

The feature sets of Swift 6 are still undercover, but this year we can anticipate things to get even better. The apps trend will include updates like:

  • Working on precise diagnostics
  • Improved debugging support
  • Better tooling with Swift Language Server and Package Manager at the center
  • Faster build
  1. Wearable Apps: The buzzword that we frequently hear nowadays is “wearables.” These applications are designed for devices such as fitness bands and trackers, and smartwatches. People use these gadgets nowadays to track oxygen rate, the figure of steps taken during the day, and heartbeat. 

When we speak about contemporary wearable applications, these go much beyond. For instance, Apple Watch 5 can recognize a panic condition or make electrocardiograms by gauging the pulse. Also, in 2019, there was a buzz about the integration of the Apple Watch 6 with the Apple app store. So the future of iOS development for the Apple smartwatch is high as the applications will contain better abilities and features. 

Along with fitness bands and smartwatches, people are also interested in smart rings that include panic buttons and car locking features.

The future of iOS is about more utilization of wearable applications. This trend will gain popularity this year as it will also be useful in spheres like healthcare. 

  1. Mobile Wallets: A large portion of the modern economy is dependent on e-commerce today. As per a study, user involvement in e-commerce in 2021 will reach approximately 51.9% and will grow around 64.1% by 2025. The experts also believe that the totality of transactions through e-commerce will reach approximately $14.98 billion by 2022. 

People nowadays use smartwatches or Smartphones for financial operations. This is one of the iOS latest trends that app developers are trying to implement smoothly. A successful example of this is Apple Pay. Users can manage payments within a short time and more efficiently with this.

Mobile wallets in 2021 are iOS development trends that will prevail as several apps still do not support mobile wallets. 

Final Say

The sector of mobile application development is constantly evolving. If there is no innovation, competing in the market will be challenging. Businesses can attract more customers by building fast-performing, strong, and user-friendly mobile applications. These mobile applications must comply with the latest trends. The iOS development trends that can never lose applicability is security. Every user will always want to download and use apps that are highly protected. The mobile app development company will be seen focusing on this trend this year.

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