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PDF files are the preferred format for sharing documents, however, there are restrictions on such files which make them very difficult to modify or edit. Because of this problem, you may need to find a way to convert PDF to an editable document. You can find a lot of PDF converter online but some of them need to be downloaded and installed on your computer. Some of them limit the number of file conversions in a day. So it is difficult to find a free online platform.

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EasePDF is such a free online platform which can help you convert PDF file to many kinds of editable documents. The “PDF Converter” tool in EasePDF is easy to use for free without any limitation and restriction. We can convert PDF to different kinds of editable documents on all the platforms. The server can work well on Mac, Windows, Linux. Mobile phones are also welcome. You can enjoy the services on iOS, Android OS or other operating systems. With EasePDF, you don’t have to register or hand in any personal information. It will save you a lot of time to convert the file. Before you convert it into an editable document, you can also edit the PDF like add texts, images with the “Edit PDF” tool. For more information, you can get from How to Edit A PDF Using Top PDF Editors.

EasePDF cares about the safety of your data. A 256-bit SSL Encryption of all your files means that your files, documents, and data are secure. None of your files or their contents will be used after the conversion. To ensure the safety, the server will delete those files and the contents in 24 hours automatically. You can enjoy the services without worry. It only takes a few simple steps to convert PDF to editable documents.

Next, I will introduce one of the typical methods of converting into editable documents – PDF to Word with EasePDF step by step.

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How to convert PDF to Word

Step 1. Go into the EasePDF website. Click the “PDF Converter” > “PDF to Word”.

Step 2. Select the PDF file that you want to convert. Upload it through GoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive, URL link or from your local computer.

Step 3. The free PDF converter will start to work when you have uploaded the file. 

Step 4. After a few seconds, you can click the “Download” button. If you want to convert a new file, press the “START OVER” button. There are 3 ways for you to share or save your editable document. First, save your file to GoogleDrive, Dropbox or OneDrive. Second, copy the URL link that EasePDF created for you to share your file.

Third, you can also share your file by sending an email. The link is only valid in 24 hours. You can choose the way to save files as you like by clicking the corresponding button.

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Why Recommend

EasePDF is an all-in-one converter that can not only convert your PDF file to an editable document but also can make changes to your PDF file according to your needs. With this online converter, you can do everything you need with the PDF file. No need to download other software. 

The platform aims to provide users with fast, simple and free services. At the same time, the quality of output is also guaranteed. All the files here will be saved in high quality to make sure you will be satisfied with the services. So let’s try it!

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