Emerge as a Top Player in E-learning by Creating an Uber-like app for a Tutor

Everyone wants to get a good school and college education in their lives. It creates a strong foundation for getting a great job and finally settling down. 

However, there are many underdeveloped countries where young children do not get access even to primary education. They end up becoming child laborers and eventually slaves due to poverty and social discrimination.  

Many academic institutions have closed their doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This has affected learning opportunities for students. However, an Uber for tutor app is a superb savior in these tough times. 

Let us analyze how on-demand tutor app development harnesses the power of online learning

Students can learn 24×7 from anywhere. They just need a compatible device (computer, laptop, or smartphone) and a stable Internet connection. Teachers evaluate the performance of students through regular exams, projects, quizzes, and tests.

The digital education market will soar to a humongous value of $374.3 billion by 2026. It will annually grow by a rate of 14.6% for the next 5 years.

 Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America will be the three biggest regions for e-learning. Other markets like Africa and Latin America will receive more demand for primary and supplementary education. 

Entrepreneurs can pocket more income by offering packages for competitive exams and reskilling courses for employees of corporate companies.  

Moreover, positive factors like better Internet connectivity, greater youth population, improving literacy rate, and increased smartphone usage will uplift the growth of the global online education market. 

Besides that, technologies like Blockchain Technology, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning (ML), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) will enhance the overall quality of e-learning and lead to more interest from students. 

Entrepreneurs aiming to rule the online education sector in the future can connect with a leading app development company for customized on-demand tutor app development. Qualified developers create easy-to-use Android and iOS apps for students and teachers. 

An advanced admin dashboard keeps a close watch on the day-to-day business activities. An ultra-modern web panel assists in making announcements about new courses and features. 

What are the major characteristics of an Uber for tutor app?

  • Social media login option – Students can easily register on an Uber like app for tutor by syncing their Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. This is a quicker alternative than signing up on the e-learning app after verifying the email address and phone number.
  • Easy sharing of multimedia content – Teachers can share engaging videos, eye-catching photos, and informative documents directly with their wards. This helps students to be highly prepared. Hence, they score well in exams and tests conducted on an Uber for tutor app. 
  • Quick processing of online payments – Students can access certain premium courses by paying a specific amount either monthly or yearly. Likewise, they execute transactions via credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, net banking, and wire transfers. Hence, tutors get their payments securely without any delay. 
  • A Rating and Review System – The quality of learning is enhanced on an on-demand tutor app. The admin takes progressive steps based on the ratings and reviews given by students against the professionalism of the teachers.
  • An advanced search and filter option – Students search for their desired teachers based on their location, the price charged, qualification, and subject knowledge. Likewise, they choose a particular tutor based on their availability and convenience. 
  • A Raise Hands mechanism – Students can avoid interrupting the lessons taught by teachers by raising their hands beforehand to ask doubts. Above all, well-versed tutors resolve all their queries instantly.
  • Provision of 24×7 technical assistance – Students resolve their complaints and issues faced on the Uber like app for tutor by contacting the Help Centre. Round-the-clock technical support is available through chat, email, and phone. 

How can entrepreneurs mint money from an Uber-like app for tutors?

Nevertheless, entrepreneurs earn hefty revenue from different sources in an Uber for tutor app. They make income by imposing a commission on teachers for conducting every class or session, monthly and yearly subscription plans paid by students, publishing targeted ads, registration fees from students and tutors, and transaction processing charges.  

They can increase their revenue from an Uber for tutor app by expanding business operations to several cities and countries. Furthermore, they will receive adequate investment from popular venture capital companies.

What are the online education trends to watch out for in 2021?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – It will help in analyzing the behavior and interests of students through advanced mathematical algorithms. Entrepreneurs can use the power of data to offer suitable courses for students. 

It offers benefits such as automatic sharing of recommendations and suggestions and reduces dropout rates in colleges and schools. Moreover, AI’s influence in the digital education industry will be worth a mind-boggling $6 billion by 2024.

Gamification –  Learning-themed games will be a big hit this year. It increases the interest level in students as they need not listen to boring lectures. Teachers can conduct video games and ask students to showcase their skills in competitions and contests. The tutors can distribute rewards to those wards who win the gaming tournament.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – Digital platforms like Coursera, edX, and Udemy are offering thousands of courses for free to students. Colleges and schools are also partnering with these online education platforms for teaching different subjects. Students will benefit by upgrading their skills through professional courses and training programs. Academic institutes also offer extra credits to those wards who successfully complete the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on an on-demand tutor app.

Other trends – Latest trends like Data Analytics, exclusive teaching on platforms like YouTube and Zoom, Home Schooling, Nano Learning, Neuro Education, and Remote Learning will also modernize the online education industry in the coming years. 

What is the cost for on-demand tutor app development? 

Significant budget is allocated for business analysis, market research, UI/UX  designing, front-end, and back-end development, extensive testing of the performance and speed, launching the Uber-like app for tutors in the market, and conducting aggressive digital marketing campaigns.  

The costs may increase due to the complexity of features, a greater level of customization, the higher hourly rate charged by the mobile app developers, multi-platform compatibility, usage of an advanced tech stack, and availing of services like bug fixing, technical support, and third-party API integration.   

Wrapping Up

Above all, the trend of on-demand tutor app development will grow tremendously in the future. Hence, entrepreneurs can become an online education giants in the market soon. Finally, they must get a ready-made Uber-like app for tutors made by a well-equipped app development company now and witness unmatched growth. 

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