Start a successful & new lucrative business with the Tinder clone app

In this digital era, the smartphone provides a contemporary solution to online dating culture. This paves the success of the dating apps. Worldwide, 40 million people use dating applications to find their soulmates. There is an estimation that the annual revenue of dating apps is around $2 billion. 

Tinder is one of the most famous apps. It is used by more than 50 million users across the world. Among them, 60% of users are from the United States. Since the launch, it gained more users within a short duration. 

The market for dating apps is growing tremendously. Also, the demand for such apps is quite high among the customers. Therefore, it is a suitable time to build and launch a dating app like Tinder. Let us know how to build the Tinder clone app in this blog.

3 Major steps to consider while developing the dating app

  1. Find your target niche

It is the first stage of starting a business. You know that there are many dating apps in existence in the market. So, you have to know how to stand out from the competition. For this, you have to come up with a special feature or functionality to integrate into your app to create your own niche. 

  • Decide how you can make money from your app

There are various popular ways to monetize the dating app. Some of them are as follows.

  • In-app advertisements

Most businesses use this monetization strategy. You can let other businesses promote their services by displaying advertisements in your app. You can charge them based on the number of clicks, likes, and impressions. This revenue model is effective only if your app has a broader user base.

  • Subscription

You can let the users avail extra features like Unlimited swipes, Rewind, Turn off ads, and some exciting features if they have subscribed to the app.

  • Sponsored profiles

Promotions are different from advertisements. Promotions do not feel as interruptive. By partnering with other corporations, you can let them post their products in your app. 

  • Paid standalone features

This revenue model will let the users pay for certain features specifically. Say, for instance, Boost is one of the standalone features offered in the Tinder app, which costs around $1.99 to $3.99. This feature gets more attention from users. By using this feature, they get more views and in return, they can find their match easily. 

Some of the standalone features the Tinder app offers are a Limit number of searches per day, Pay for profile highlighter, Pay for a private chat, and Pay for a direct message without a match. Similar to these, you can charge the users for other exciting standalone features you incorporate into your app.

  • Choose an app development company

With numerous mobile app development companies, consider choosing a reliable and best app development company. Nowadays, most companies offer two different ways of Tinder-like app development. The already known way is traditional, that is building a dating app from scratch. The other recently trending way of developing an app is using the Tinder clone app. 

You can consider any one of the ways for app development. Both ways have their own pros and cons. We know that the traditional way is time-consuming and requires a lot of investment. But, the modern approach of making the app using the clone script is time-conserving and pocket-friendly. This is the main reason for entrepreneurs to choose the readily available clone app solution.

Now, it’s all set. Upon app development, launch the Tinder clone app on Android, iOS, or both. Then, What about the cost of developing the dating app? It varies based on several factors like app platform, app features & functionality, geographical location of the company, app’s UI/UX, etc. 

Consider the following strategies for making a successful Tinder clone app

Building the Tinder-like app is not enough to shine in the online dating business. You have to integrate your app with advanced features and the latest technologies. Key strategies to follow for your online dating business growth are mentioned below.

  • Wider communication channel

It would be best if you offer wider communication channels (Text message, Voice message, Video chat, and Voice chat) in your app.

  • Do not disappoint your users

A dating app like Tinder is built with positive psychology. That is, the users would not know whether they have been rejected by other users while matchmaking. Thus, it avoids frustration for users. You can even consider this strategy in your app.

  • Updates with latest features

In this modern age and with the changing market trends, considering incorporating the recent technologies is the effective strategy for your business growth. Analyze the user’s preference and consider adding more exciting features that improve user engagement. Also, allow only the premium users to avail themselves of the special features. This way, you can make a profit from your dating app.

  • Send push notifications

What makes your app successful in the online dating industry? Well, a broader user base determines the app’s success. How to make it possible? There are numerous ways to gain audiences. One such way is by sending push-notifications regarding upcoming offers, new features, and much more. 

Final thought

A dating app clone is a popular choice among entrepreneurs who aspires to start an online dating business. Yes, investing in Tinder-like app development is profitable as the demand for such apps is growing tremendously. 

I hope this blog will be informative and useful for you. Consider the strategies mentioned in this blog to run a successful online dating business with the Tinder clone app.

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