What are the 4 Major Functions of Communications?

Communication is one of the most vital skills a man possesses. It is the one excellent skill that can break or save personal and official relationships at any time. It is the smooth process of exchanging information between two or more people.

In this Business communication process, one person transmits the message by using a medium, and the other person gets the message. The information moves from sender to receiver in this communication process.

To make Communication better and effective, the sender must be aware of the reaction of the receiver. When the receiver sends back his/her reply to the sender, it comes under two-way Communication. With the help of two-way Communication, parties can exchange their feelings, views, data, and messages information easily without any issues at all.

To summarize, Communication is considered a significant way to pass information, reality, vision, views, and acknowledgment from one person to the second one. This process is necessary for all the subordinates to understand what the company expects from them. 

Functions of Communications

Communication is the backbone of many successful and well-known organizations all around the world. Communication is not the same as other fields and completely a different field, which has several better objectives. To gain all the goals, it performs a few functions. Let’s go through 4 major tasks of Communication right now!

Control or Regulations

Control is one of the major functions of Communication you should be aware of. It is mainly used to control or regulate the conduct of other persons. It can be also used to utilize the number and nature of activities that people engage in. Individuals who are superior in society, company or family, often initiate Communication either to tell them or inform their subordinates, how to do, what to do, when to do it, etc.

The informational and command functions of Communication are higher observable informal than in informal firms. 

All the employees are mandatory to fulfill their job instructions, descriptions, or to follow all the company’s necessary rules and regulations; Communication is performing profound and control functionality. It also provides the employees with their essential and significant code of conduct. It is always expected from the employees to share their concerns with their boss. 

Let’s go through some of the examples for a better understanding.

  • “Properly clean the toilet, and then you can sleep in your room.”
  • “She is not having any relationship with anyone for now. Go for it.”
  • “Can you please speak slowly? It’s too loud for me.”

Social Interaction

Social Interaction is also one of the significant communication functions. And no, we are not talking about social media. It is mainly utilized to make a friendly relationship with others. As the name suggests, it is all about maintaining a social relationship with other people around you. It is used to form bonds, relations, intimacy, and professional connection with others. It also helps in maintaining society, individuals, or a firm’s identity and stability. 

Dialogue is considered a social activity, and every company is, above all, a social body. All the organizations are humans who have big things to gather, share, and express with other fellows. The occurrence of healthy Communication between friends and among a large group of people signifies that all sorts of good or bad feelings can be shared, or even moments of frustration can also be shared. 

Let’s go through some of the examples for a better understanding.

  • “It’s a pleasure to meet you here. How are you doing, dude?”
  • Let’s have coffee or drink outside.”I am delighted with what you are all here to support my dancing competition.”
  • “Let’s make a plan for today.”


This function of Communication is mainly used to motivate others for their overall personal and professional goals. It is used to power up desires, needs, requirements, preferences, goals, dreams, and decisions. The motivation function of Communication i.e., to encourage people, is very important for extension in changing their overall behavior in the proper direction. 

Of late, every business manager knows the value of empathic listening, positive attitude, cash rewards, words of encouragement, and tips given in the form of allowances, holiday trips with a spouse, fast promotions, shopping vouchers, and many more. Many big IT companies and Indian companies have started planning to take their employees to various tourist destinations and sending managers and their family members to Europe, Dubai, and many other famous places. By providing all these great facilities, companies are building motivation among their employees, which can be seen in the increased productivity for sure.  

Let’s go through some of the examples for a better understanding.

  • “We need to stop procrastinating and proactive.”
  • “I want you in my life forever.”
  • “I think I should join the gym to impress her for sure.”


Information comes under the four major functions of communications. It is used for sharing and grabbing information. The main requirement of adjusting and adapting oneself to the environment is information. There should be some vital information about what is going on in the current climate, which concerns the people. The giving or receiving of information underlines all major communication functions, either indirectly or directly.

The gathered information offers excellent value to groups and individuals. It helps them in making better decisions by evaluating, identifying, and analyzing the data. Soon the information is available or handy; then, the decision can be taken easily. 

Let’s go through some of the examples for a better understanding.

  • “You can find the toilet right next to this room.”
  • “Where can I apply for my marriage certificate?”
  • “Is there any other proper way to get rid of this pain right now?”
  • “Can you please tell me the exact answer to this question for better understanding?”


Control, social Interaction, motivation, and information- these are the four major functions of Communication. All these functions are essential, and you should never ignore them under any circumstances for sure. In any company or group, we should try to maintain firm control, motivate or provoke the members to do something better, provides a means for independence and emotional expression, and make better choices based on correct information.

At last, you need to understand that any communication interaction taking place in an organization or group performs at least one of the above-mentioned significant functions of communications. Most of the time, there will be more than one because these functions are interdependent. After an accurate understanding of the four major functionality of Communication, organizations will work better. 

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