Jobs to hunt post-ITIL certification

ITIL certification perks

If your mind is set to enter the IT Service Management field, getting ITIL Certification is a must. Post ITIL certification you are bound to get a salary appraisal, promotion, and recognition in your profession. Information Technology Infrastructure Library course contains modules that will enable you to incorporate IT resources in the commercial world. 

The course has guidelines to ensure that one can comprehend the nature of IT services and assist the corporation. The course prepares an individual in many ways such as- enhance IT Service Management, helps you to contribute to ongoing programs, manage the budget for any project, and many more functions pertaining to the organization. 

Levels of ITIL Certification and benefits of each level

Level 1: ITIL foundation 

It is the entry-level stage and introduces the basics of ITIL. It creates a familiarity towards Service delivery and ITIL support

Level 2: ITIL Practitioner 

It introduces some pivotal parts of the course. The 2 regions this level covers are service compatibility and lifecycle.

Level 3: ITIL Intermediate 

This level has many sublevels. In this level incorporation of ITSM is taught. It is more complex than the previous levels. This level is accepted worldwide. You can look for jobs in the IT sector after the completion of this level. The modules are divided into Service Compatibility and Lifecycle. The service Lifecycle contains Service design, strategy, operation, and transition, etc. the Service capability module consist of Planning, Protection and Optimization, Operational Support and Analysis, Service Offerings and Agreements. You can choose either one or both of the modules for qualification.

Level 4: ITIL Expert

This is considered a very prestigious certification. At this stage, an individual is bound to have become an adroit professional. One should master all the modules to attain this certificate. 

Level 5: ITIL Master

This level has advanced knowledge and modules of ITIL. This is the final level and one who completes this becomes a predominant maestro with immense knowledge and experience of handling ITIL. This is the final stage of the course and this level certification is evident that you are at the top of the league now.

Here are some career options you can pursue to get the max out of your certification. 

1. Information Technology Manager

The main role of the IT manager is to create and manage any firm’s IT infrastructure encompassing software technologies, storage management, and online security. Your main role is to design and overlay IT management and ensure it works perfectly. They are also supposed to have project management skills so that they can recruit and train new employees. 

2. Service Delivery Manager

Service delivery manager has to come up with Service-Level Agreements for the clients and organizations. Service-Level Agreements or SLAs are the tactics to break the organization’s goals into daily tasks and operations. He works as a connection between clients and projects. He has to manage the quality of the service delivered by the team.

3.      Information Technology Project Manager

The prime objective of ITIL is to link up the IT and Business curriculums. The role of the Information Technology Project Manager is to fulfill this objective. You are expected to co-ordinate members from different backgrounds and unifying them to work for a certain goal or project by completing a number of tasks on a regular basis. He has to be there from the beginning till the completion. Salary IT Project Manager – $91257

4.      Information Technology Director

The Information Technology Director acts as a leader under whom the project manager and Information Technology Managers work together to achieve the goals. This is for someone who has a long experience in this field and can get the most out of it by practicing and completing ITIL Certification. 

5. Senior Project Manager

 They have to build business-wide strategies and sustain regular operation. They have to report to their clients and update them with the status of the project they asked for.

6. Process coordinator. 

If you are in the IT field for more than 2 years you can apply for this post. The job is to guarantee that every activity to do complete a task is done as instructed. 

Some more jobs with their expected salary per annum are mentioned below

1.      Service delivery Manager – $82735

2.      IT analyst – $86631

3.      Asset Manager—$88005

4.      Engineering Program Manager-$106000

5.       Service Transition-$11800

6.      Service Operation-$11800

Leading Sectors that are hiring ITIL Certified professionals

The ITIL course will not only make you eligible for the IT sectors. A lot of industries are relying on the tactics and framework of ITIL. An ITIL professional is treated above than any other uncertified professional. Many of the companies hire instantly if they find the individual is well versed with ITIL concepts. Numerous companies have made ITIL courses compulsory for their employees. Here are few sectors that have started accepting ITIL candidates

  • Technology Sector- This sector keeps on getting new updates and features on a daily basis. ITIL has helped a lot to increase the efficiency of this sector. Few companies linked to this sector are IBM, Microsoft, HP, and Fujitsu.
  • Financial services- after learning about the cost-efficient tactics of ITIL many banks have also accepted the pros from the IT sector. Some of those banks are City Bank, Bank of America and Barclays.
  • Manufactures- They constitute as the elementary unit for other industries. As ITIL boosts the growth of any industry it is incorporated here also. Manufacturers like Boeing, Bombardier and Toyota are some of the Examples
  • Retailers- as the cornerstone of any industry they are also crucial and demand an upgrade in their systems. Some retailers who have integrated with ITIL are Walmart, Target, and Staples.
  • Entertainment- One of the biggest industries that has emerged in this century is Entertainment. To ensure the services are provided without any delay and hindrance ITIL services are used by giants like Sony and Disney.


As of now, you can comprehend why ITIL is such a desirable and in-demand certifications IT professionals are looking for. Each day more and more recruiters are hiring adroit Pros from this field who have completed the course as they know how instrumental and profitable that guy will be for their corp. So if you want a boost in your paycheck and career ITIL is perfect for you.

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