Importance Of Notes Taking

Jotting down notes while listening to class is considered to be one of the most active forms of engaging with the subject. Various studies have shown that when it comes to students, there is a tendency that they refuse to take notes or ignore them owing to the fact that most of the information is provided in class. However, it has been found that students who are actively engaged in taking notes while in class have a better chance of scoring well in exams than students who do not.

One of the many reasons why students are always encouraged to take notes while attending a class is that it help’s them remember the topics better and also helps them be more engaged in the class that is being taught. In fact, note-taking is important for both online and offline classes. Most toppers who have made their mark in any subject have reiterated the importance of this habit. It not only helps in the better retention of information but also provides students with an opportunity to better understand the topic. Taking notes helps students have a visual of what they are being taught, therefore if any doubt arises they can easily get clarity on the same.

Benefits of taking notes

It should be noted that there are several advantages when it comes to taking notes. In fact, noite taking is especially important when students are in the classroom, both online and offline. The various benefits of note-taking have been listed below.

  • Record of information: One of the many benefits that note taking provides is the record of information. Taking down notes while studying helps in outlining the key words of any subjects which makes it easier for the student to remember what are the important areas of any chapter. This is especially essential for subjects that are vast and require a considerable amount of time to be finished. Thus having a record of what has been taught in the class makes it easier for the students to memorize.
  • Raises concentration: An important benefit of taking notes is that it helps in raising the level of concentration of the students. When students are attending classes it is important they have a better understanding of what is being taught in class. Often in long lectures there are times when the student either zones out or loses track of what was being discussed. At such times having physical nites helps the students keep track of the topic. This in turn helps in increasing the concentration of the students in what they are studying.
  • Raises level of understanding: Often the students find it difficult to understand what is being taught in classes.  This is especially true for subjects that require mathematical understanding. In such a situation having notes helps the student to compare what they have learnt and try to gain understanding of the topic. Writing down the notes provides the students with the opportunity of assessing their weakness and thus working on it.
  • Learning to prioritize: One of the most effective results of taking notes is that it helps students learn to prioritize which topics to read and what to ignore. Note taking therefore, helps differentiate between the important parts of the subject and the areas which are not important. Without taking notes it may become difficult for the students to understand which parts to study and which not to thereby raising confusion. Thus, through this method students are able to structure their study time and prioritize subjects accordingly.

Hence, it can be stated that there are several benefits associated when it comes to note-taking and the importance for students to do the same. Today, there are several applications found digitally that can help the students in taking notes. These applications are developed especially for students helping them to take notes and arrange it systematically for them to study. These applications are mostly free of charge and are available on all digital platforms. Using these applications makes taking notes not only easier but also fun. The presence of sharing options makes it further easier for students to share and compare the notes with their friends.

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