What is The Importance of a Medical Degree From Ukraine For Indian Students?

  1. Popular Place Amongst the Medical Aspirants

Ukraine is an extremely popular place amongst the medical aspirants of several countries as the medical schools of the country are famous for their quality of education.

2. Study MBBS in Ukraine is a Good Option

To study MBBS in Ukraine is a very good option for many different reasons and the most important reason behind that is the economical and budget-friendly fee structure of the medical schools of the country.

3. Educational Part

Even after Ukraine has suffered a lot by the war with Russia, the government has made sure to work on the educational part to boost the economy.

4. Universities Listed Under WHO

There are several universities that are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools by the World Health Organization (WHO) and because of this reason; the graduation degree provided by universities is acceptable in many countries around the world.

5. Become an Important Destination Among Indian Medical Aspirants

Ukraine has become an important destination for all those Indian medical aspirants who are looking to make their medical career from a university overseas as there is the number of students from India who are currently studying in the medical universities of Ukraine.

6. Ukraine is Extremely Safe Country

Also safety-wise, Ukraine is an extremely safe country for all the students and any medical aspirant can easily pursue their medical career here without any trouble.

7. Medical Practice in Several Countries Around the World

The Ukraine medical schools are renowned and the medical graduated who have successfully completed their degree from the country can practice their medical degree in several countries around the world.

8. Recognized by WHO and MCI

Not just the World Health Organization (WHO), the medical schools of Ukraine is recognized by medical bodies of many countries such as the Medical Council of India (MCI) from India.

9. No Donations to Get Admission in Ukraine

Students from India have been considering Ukraine as a major option for their medical degree once they realized the value of medical degree received from the universities of Ukraine instead of giving heavy donations to get admissions in heavily priced medical colleges of India.

10. Importance of MBBS in Abroad

Even the Indian parents also realized it after they recognized the importance of MBBS in abroad instead of getting their children to study in India.

11 .Global Recognized Degree

The major reason behind this is the global recognition of the degree and also the opportunities and learning curve the students get from getting studying abroad.

12. Modern and Advanced Equipment Installed

The medical schools in the country have laboratories which are well furnished and have modern and advance equipment installed which are necessary for training the students.

13. Moderate Temperature

The students from India are very much comfortable in studying in the country as the temperature of Ukraine is moderate and there is not at all any kind of difficulty in studying in the country.

14. Medical Graduate Degree called MD

In India the medical graduate degree is called MBBS however the degree from Ukraine is under the name of MD (Doctor of Medicine) which is similar to that of MBBS in India. 

15. Get Advised Properly from Education Consultants

Studying MBBS overseas for students can turn into a costly affair if the students do not get advised properly.

16. Medical Course Fees

If compared with the medical course fees of several countries, Ukraine provides an extremely feasible cost structure.

17. Education Friendly Environment with Wonderful Accommodation Facilities

Ukraine Universities not only offers the students with an extremely education-friendly environment but also wonderful accommodation facilities with necessary amenities such as heating facilities, furniture, etc installed in the rooms.

18. Very Easy to Find Tasty Indian Food

Also, because of many students from India who are studying in the country, it is very easy to find tasty Indian food here.

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